Decorative Picture Clip Boards

I’m pleased to be sharing a great do-it-yourself project today. As a working mommy, I was looking for a nice way to display family memorabilia at my office. I did a little research and found some ideas for these gems, which I’ve decided to call “Decorative Picture Clip Boards.”close2

I want to note that this concept has been borrowed and adapted from an Apartment Therapy project I found through Pinterest. Many images of similar projects can be also be found on Pinterest, of course, and this one will also be pinned to our Jelly Bean Journals Pinterest page. (If you haven’t started following us, yet, please do by clicking here!)

As I had shared in It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect, I recently started a new job. (I love it, by the way!) My new position and responsibilities came with a different office, as well. I was excited to personalize my new space and decorate in a way that helped me feel organized, professional and productive. This space also came with its’ own navy blue blinds and dark blue carpet as well as a few wooden shelves. Additionally, my desk is synthetic wood and silver metal. So, I went to work finding a color scheme that would pull these items together, give a kick of color, and create that “feel” I was going for.


I landed on a combination pallet of turquoise, navy blue, light blue and gray with lime green accents. My work space pulled together nicely and the main attraction is the wall where I hung my Decorative Picture Clip Boards. Here is how I made them with the help of my loving husband:

IMG_1406  Materials & Supplies:

IMG_1413 8×10 Art Canvas     IMG_1427 Simple ScrewIMG_1407 Fabric                          IMG_1410 Colored Bulldog ClipIMG_1429 Drill                               IMG_1418 Staple Gun


IMG_1414 1. Lay fabric color side down

IMG_1415 2. Measure, fit & cut fabric to fit canvas

IMG_1416 3. Fold fabric edge up over canvas

IMG_1417 4. Staple fabric along wooden edge of canvas

IMG_1419 5. Fold corner of fabric at corner of canvas then staple

IMG_1421 6. Fold, again, as if wrapping a present then staple

IMG_1422 7. Repeat for all remaining edges and corners

IMG_1424 8. Use extra staples where needed to hold fabric

IMG_1428 9. Measure & place bulldog clip on wooden canvas edge

IMG_1431 10. Drill screw in bulldog clip to tightly fasten



I will eventually hang family photos or our son’s artwork on them. I love the clips because I can display items without damaging them and the “boards” give nice texture, pattern, and color to my office wall. It will also be easy to rotate the items I decide to display. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this do-it-yourself project. If you decide to give it a try let me know how it goes. Or, if you have completed similar projects, please share!

Happy creating!


One thought on “Decorative Picture Clip Boards

  1. love this. I’ve seen different versions and may try it someday. I like that it is an easy way to rotate out photos and kid art. I hadn’t thought of using fabric. I’ve seen either colored clipboards or duct tape. I bet yours are far more sturdy. Can’t wait to see what you decide to display.

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