Dear Village

I truly agree with the sentiment, “It takes a village to raise a child.” While Seano and I are the primary caregivers, we have so much love and support surrounding us and participating in N’s rearing. I say “thank you” on a regular basis, but I’m not sure if these people really know how grateful we are. So, I wrote an open letter to my village. (I’m sure I did not cover every single person that love and support us in this note, but you’ll get the gist.)

Dear Village,

Sweet, loving, understanding village of mine, thank you for all that you consciously and unconsciously do to make our life so blessed. You are the reason I can claim any form of sanity at any time.

To My Husband

None of what’s most special to me would be possible without you. Thank you for working with me to parent and manage our household. Being a mom is much harder than I thought it would be. But, doing this parenting thing with you makes it so much better. You are a more dedicated and committed partner than I ever thought imaginable, and you are most certainly the best father around!  Thank you for listening to my dreams even when they change quickly and, at times, sound crazy. This is a down-deep part of who I am and the fact that you don’t dismiss me, validates me. Mostly, thank you for building a life with me and giving me our beautiful son (soon to be two!) whom I’m crazy about. I know I don’t need to tell you this, but he is my greatest source of joy and pride.


To Our Parents

Thank you for being sources of constant love and guidance. When we need support or a reminder of what we mean in this world, you are always there. You lend an ear and offer advice. You are understanding even when we don’t take that advice. Thank you for spoiling your grandson and showing him he is loved by so many, far beyond his parents. This builds his confidence and yours will be relationships he treasurers his entire life. Thank you for everything you do to help us be better parents and support us in this endeavor. Whether you are shoveling our driveway before we even know it snowed, making us delicious meals, allowing us to have a date night, or giving up your own time to help for a week while one of us is away, your presence is so greatly known and appreciated. And finally,  thank you for being such solid reminders of what marriage looks like and is truly about. Seano and my deep commitment to each other began because of the love and partnerships we witnessed as children and continue to as adults. I will forever be grateful for this unique and incredible foundation.



To My Friends

Thank you to my girlfriends who remind me exactly who I am, as Kerstin, whenever we’re together. I get so busy managing all my roles that I sometimes lose sight of who I am and what I offer just as me: not a mom, wife, or colleague. Also, thank you for loving my family nearly as much as I do. Not because you have to, but because, like me, you see just how special they are. Lastly, thank you  for rescuing me, celebrating with me, listening to me, picking up N in a pinch and feeding my husband when I’m gone. All of these things ease my responsibilities and shower our family with love.


*Many dear friends not shown.

To Our Past, Present and Future Care Providers

Thank you for loving my son like he is your own. I know you kiss his boo boos, celebrate his victories and serve as one of his greatest playmates. Thank you for teaching him and helping him grow. We work with him on many things. But, I also know he has accomplished much of what he has simply because of your efforts. Thank you for making me feel he is safe when I cannot be with him. This, above anything else, means the world to me.


*Several not shown.

To anyone I missed that supports us in anyway, thank you for all of your love and efforts.

With All My Love & Thanks,


Are you with me? Do you rely on a Village to help support and raise your family? What type of people do you include in your Village?

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