Dear Kids, I Want You To Know I Will Always…

Dear Kiddo A and Toddler B,

I want you to know…

I will always love you. Even on days when I’m frustrated or you don’t like me very much, my heart still swells with overwhelming adoration for you. This love is unconditional and will never change, even if I don’t agree with every choice you each make. My heart is permanently yours.

I will always fight for you. There are no two people more precious on this earth to me than you. Even if the cost is great, I will do everything in my power to make sure your situation is fair, healthy, and right. When it is time for you to make your own choices I will still stand in your corner, firm in my protective conviction. I believe you are worthy and capable of handling anything. I will be there to remind you to persevere when times get tough and I won’t be silenced or stopped.

I will always cheer for you. I am your biggest fan and you both have a permanent support system in me from now until the end of time. There have been and will be times I mess up. There will be times we will screw up together or you will get it wrong on your own, but you will never have to guess if I believe in you. We will learn together and my voice will always ring out in celebration of your triumphs.

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I will always dream big for you. In my eyes you deserve every good thing life has to offer. You both hold incredible potential and I see the world as yours for the taking. You deserve the ultimate, happy outcome of your choosing. I will always hold space for your ambition and remind you of such on the days you become discouraged.

I will always be your mother. Kiddo A, you will forever be the boy who made me a mom. You are the most beautiful newborn I’ve ever laid my eyes on and you introduced me to the most vulnerable form of myself. Toddler B, you are my fight song. You helped me take back my life. Your birth was my rebirth and I’ll always be grateful to you and my God for that. You will both remain in my heart as the precious babies I was charged to love and protect.

Love Always, Your Mom

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