Dear Dad: I Meant Every Word

Dear Dad,

I hope you are happy and doing well! I miss you so much and have a great deal to tell!

First, our son has gotten so big so quickly! I remember you telling me how the older I got the faster time would fly. You were so right and it seems like his first year of life has diminished in the blink of an eye. It’s been so fun to watch him learn and grow but I’ve already forgotten what it feels like to hold a 7 pound baby when I hoist our 19 month old to my hip. When we see people who knew you as a child they all say how much he looks like you. He is definitely your grandson and I’m often teased about my husband having anything to do with his conception. It’s fun to laugh and have your old buddies stare at him in wonder. I hope this town gives him the same blessed upbringing you and I both enjoyed.

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Being a mom is the most wonderful and hard thing I have ever done. You and mom weren’t kidding when you warned me of such. The baby is always the first thing on my mind andDad7 I’m constantly considering his well-being and safety. Speaking of safety, we were cleaning the house last weekend and the T-Ball bat signed “Love Dad” was pulled out from under our bed. Do you remember that old bat? I think it was from one of my brothers’ T-Ball teams you coached. You instructed me to store it where I slept when I left for college. I have done so ever since. We had a good chuckle over the size of it, discussed the practicality of such a defense weapon, and I put it right back under our bed. Between you and me it still makes me feel safe just like it did when I left home for the first time.

Things at work are going well. I remember how you and mom always talked business at the dinner table. I became annoyed often over our family business and how it was the topic of most evening conversations. What I appreciate now is that you two were giving us our own business educations. Sometimes I wish I would have taken notes but many of the lessons I learned over our family dinners continue to serve me well as a professional. I never saw that one coming but I know now that you did!


My husband graduated with his master’s degree just before Christmas. After all of that hard work, it was nice to celebrate the end to a tough journey! Thanks for helping us Dad3realize how hard work and education are both equally important. Now that we both have our graduate degrees I can no longer tell him that I’m “master of the house.” I have to share that title! I’m also glad you taught me how to value myself as a woman and to find a man who compliments and supports me. Who else would still rub my back and help make dinner while laughing about my certifications? Only him, I’m sure! I am glad I learned from growing up with you as my dad that there are talented, multifaceted, loving, intelligent and wonderful men in the world. We make a pretty great team just like you and mom!

When I wrote and read your eulogy aloud I meant every word; especially the part where I would miss you everyday. So, again, I’m writing and reading all of the things I won’t get to say.

Love, Chelse

*February marked the six year anniversary of my father’s death. Although there was little left unsaid between us when he lost his battle with a rare blood disease called Myelofibrosis, I still wish I had more time with him. Call your parents. Our time together in this journey is far too short.*Dad2

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