Dear 20 Something Self: A Letter To That Early 20’s Gal

20161022_101636I hit a big birthday over the weekend, friends. That celebration and some priceless time with a college bestie have zapped me back through the roller coaster of my early twenties. If I could score a DeLorean, I would place the following note in the mailbox of my college apartment…

Dear 20 Something Self,

Much bigger challenges will meet you on this journey. Stress a little less and travel on a few more adventures.

Only a handful of the girls you spend time with will remain your close friends over the next decade. Be kind to everyone but stop worrying about what others think.

You won’t remember half of the things you believe you stand for. It’s okay to change. Your true convictions will last.

You look amazing naked. Appreciate your body because you will never look this good in spandex, again.

Take that extra nap. There will come a time when your future children will inhibit any consistent sleeping.


You are learning valuable life lessons. Remain open to acquiring new knowledge and stop beating yourself up over mistakes.

Throw away your class papers and sell your books. You will never revisit these materials and moving them into your first permanent home will suck.

You are strong and capable. You will accomplish more than you set out to. Please slow down and enjoy this chapter.

Call home again, and again, and again. You will say goodbye to your dad far sooner than you’ll ever be able to believe.

Stop feeling guilty. This life is too short to spend time in constant turmoil.

You aren’t going to marry the boy you think you are. Learn as much as possible about the way you want to be treated by your life partner and move on.

You are worthy. People do nice things because they want to. Accept acts of kindness with love and an open heart.

Confide in your mom. She has always known and wants the best for you.


Not one final test or capstone is worth a migraine. Work hard, stay focused, and get back up when you fall but know that a 4.0 will only take you so far.

You are enough. You are doing the best that you can, with what you have, where you are and the only person questioning that is you.


Yourself, In 15ish Years

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2 thoughts on “Dear 20 Something Self: A Letter To That Early 20’s Gal

  1. I’m so happy to read this post this morning Chelse! No one was harder on you than you! You can now see what a caring, loving wife, mama, daughter, and friend that you are. You still hold yourself and those you love to a higher standard, but you have started to see your own self worth. You are my hero and have taught me many, many things! I couldn’t be more proud of you!!!

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