Cheesy Egg Bake with Biscuits

Friends, I’m pretty excited to share this ridiculously easy and delicious Cheesy Egg Bake recipe with you today. I made it on a whim and it was such a hit with my husband and 3 year old, that I’ve made it weekly since. So, because you know me, you can trust that this dish is quick, simple, and decently healthy. I like it as a main dish, but you could always use this as a side to a large breakfast meal or your contribution to a shower or potluck.

You will love this egg bake because it is incredibly filling with a great texture. The biscuits make it hearty and the peppers and bay leaves give it beautiful color. Our little guy has been having a hard time with onions lately, so this meal offers great flavor without them. If you are an onion fan, I would suggest adding them to the ham and peppers in the frying pan. In fact, this is such an easy recipe that you could make many alterations. I plan to add spinach the next time I make it.20160103_08344320160103_083518

  • 1 Can Biscuits
  • 7 Eggs
  • 1 Cup Diced Yellow Peppers
  • 1 Cup Diced Green Peppers
  • 1 Cup Diced Cooked Ham
  • 2 Cups Shredded Cheese
  • 6 Large Torn Bay Leaves
  • Italian Blend Seasoning
  • Salt & Pepper


  • Cooking Spray
  • 8 x 8 Glass Baking Pan
  • Frying Pan
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Egg Beaters

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  1. Heat Oven to 350 Degrees
  2. Spray Glass Baking Pan with Cooking Spray
  3. Line Glass Baking Pan with Single Layer of Biscuits
  4. Spray Frying Pan with Cooking Spray
  5. Add Ham & Peppers to Frying Pan then Add Salt & Pepper to Taste
  6. Cook for 5 Minutes Over Medium Heat or Until Peppers are Tender
  7. Spread Ham & Peppers Mixture over Layer of Biscuits in Glass Baking Pan
  8. Cover Mixture in Glass Baking Pan with Cheese
  9. Whip Eggs with Egg Beaters in Mixing Bowl then Add Italian Blend Seasoning to Taste
  10. Pour Eggs Over Mixture in Glass Baking Pan
  11. Evenly Sprinkle Bay Leaves on Top
  12. Place in Oven & Bake for 25 Minutes
  13. Let Cool & Serve


Yummy! My family loves eggs and this was the perfect recipe to put a new spin on one of our old favorites. Do you have any suggestions for additions or alterations? Give this recipe a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below.


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