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“Bee” Day Party: Bumble Bee Birthday Party for Our 1-Year-Old

I love decorating for my kids’ birthday parties and I go all-out, especially for their first birthdays. I suspect that this is something that will change as my kiddos get older because they will call the shots for their special days and probably end my party decorating craze era.


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The Love & Joy of Raising Our Toddler Daughter

As I shared in “Loving Life with a Toddler: The Things I Most Appreciate Today” I was extremely surprised by how deeply I loved being the mom of a toddler. I must say that I have a completely different relationship with our little girl, Baby B, than with our little boy, Kiddo A, but I’m just as fond of her toddler stage. She regularly leaves me missing the two-year-old version of the boy who made me a mom and I delight in watching her explore, develop, and acquire knowledge.

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Despicable Me Birthday Party For Our 2-Year-Old

Kerstin and I went to a dinosaur themed toddler birthday party over the weekend. Our families joined us for “Little Handsome’s” second birthday celebration and everything was adorable from the dinosaur bone digging activity to the parting favors. Baby A was an active participant in selecting a present for Little Handsome, as well. He was insistent on gifting cupcakes which presented it’s own set of challenges while shopping the weekend before the gathering. Continue reading

Lessons Learned, New Goals to Accomplish

If you followed our Facebook page two weeks ago you were able to share in one of our new experiences as bloggers. This entire past year has been full of firsts for us and attending the Build Your Blog Conference 2015 proved to be very worthwhile. We gained exposure Continue reading

Frustrating Parent Lessons

It’s major confession time. If you aren’t prepared to share in the frustration of raising a toddler, today’s post probably isn’t for you. If you are still reading, please remember that I love my son just like any mother loves their child. As I partly shared in Loving Life with a Toddler: The Things I Most Appreciate Today there are countless Continue reading

N’s Picture Project

On Tuesday, I shared A Letter to My Son on His 2nd Birthday. These annual letters have become an important tradition to me. Another tradition we started from the week N was born included taking his photo on a different piece of fabric each week (it turned into each month when he turned 1). I hang them up every year at N’s birthday party. Our guests love looking at how he’s changed over the year.

Here are the photos from the last year (scroll down to see photos from last year).

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A Letter to My 2 Year Old on His Birthday

N turned two on October 15. For those of you saying, “Two already?!?” Yes, yes, he’s two already. Earlier this year, I shared A Letter to My 1 Year Old on His Birthday. This is a tradition I started in the journal I kept during my pregnancy with N and I plan to write N a letter on his birthday each year. I hope you enjoy this year’s letter to my little monkey!


Another year has flown by! And you are turning two today!

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Loving Life with a Toddler: The Things I Most Appreciate Today

I love babies. I adore holding them, smelling them, and talking to them. They are such a wonderment to me and I am fond of keeping their company. I’ve always known this about myself and was not surprised at the deep love I instantly felt for our son.

What I didn’t used to know is how much I would take delight in being the mom of a toddler.

While I’ve had my share of scares, frustrations, and discouragements, I’m genuinely enjoying this time in our lives. Part of my surprise probably stems from the fact that I’ve always had a hard time imagining myself as the mom of a full-fledged person. Most of my “pre-mommy” daydreaming was about the newborn infant I would love and care for. I was unprepared for how quickly he would develop interests and preferences. For some reason, I also never considered how much fun I would have with the personality he developed or the joy I would experience from engaging in certain activities with him.

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