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Yes To Tomatoes Face Mask Review #momtruth Vlog

Get ready to hear some hilarious mom truth in this not-so-expert review of a Yes to Tomatoes Face Mask. Epic failure using beauty products is just part of the mommy game for me! I also know about one of life’s best kept beauty secrets – laughing at myself!

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Mommy Juice: Casper’s Margarita Tour & What Does Being a Mom Mean to You?

This is a special week at Jelly Bean Journals. Two of our series are meeting up! For the month of September, we are sharing a special series in collaboration with Prairie Wife in Heels and The Tall Mom. We have been writing for each other on a topic relevant to our regular content. Here’s what you can find during the month of September:

Here at Jelly Bean Journals, being a mom means honoring our very purpose as a blog by celebrating all things sweet and sour about mommyhood. We openly and honestly talk about the good, bad, beautiful, and challenging things we have experienced being mommies. Being a mom also means finding other moms to lean on for support, sisterhood, and fun! Thus, enter our ongoing Mommy Juice Series and a recent night out with 40 awesome moms!

We took a lighthearted approach in creating our Mommy Juice series. Along with loving the term, we hope this group of posts will help fellow moms to sit back, unwind, and enjoy a cocktail. We have a deep love for mocktails, as well, so this series is sure to have something for everyone. After all, we absolutely love enjoying a favorite drink with a great friend. So, here’s to you, girl! Cheers!

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My Husband Wants to do What this Weekend?

Oh my gosh! Can we just talk about weekends for a minute? The days that are supposed to give us sanity, allow us to spend precious time with our family, and fill us up before we head into another work week. All too often these days end up full of commitments, chores, projects, activities, and who knows what else. I certainly don’t mean to say that the commitments that fill our weekends up and steal them away aren’t worth it or full of things and people I love. But, with too much packed in a weekend, they’re gone in a blink. Let me share a few things with you that I’ve learned about weekends! Continue reading

A Day in the Life: 2 1/2 Years Old

I’m a little bit overdue on this series. I posted my first A Day in the Life in August 2014. I was hoping to post it every six months but I’m a little closer to eight. Oh well, better late than never, right?

In the last few months one thing I have noticed is the more independent N gets, the more independence I get back. My eyes don’t need to constantly be on him anymore, he is officially potty trained, and he is talking so well that he almost always tells me what he needs. Continue reading

A Day In The Life – August 2014

As you can read in Our Story, one of the reasons we started this blog was to document. I have said it 1,000 times but time goes SO fast. I think I forget things and moments on a daily basis. So, this is my new little series, which I will probably post every 6 months or so, describing what a day in our life looks like at the current time.

To start, I’m picking an at-home Saturday in the summer. Continue reading