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Mommy Juice: Irish Hot Chocolate Buzz

Today’s Mommy Juice Pick: Irish Hot Chocolate Buzz

Why I Picked This Mix: Friends, we are in the dead of winter. Our sun blazes through clear skies on most days, which is why getting a skiing sunburn in Wyoming is a real thing, but our bone chilling temps are difficult to ignore! When freezing time hits our town, I feel the need for some warmth and comfort. Continue reading

2 Way Chicken Photo

2-Ingredient Crockpot Chicken 2 Ways

As a working momma, the crock-pot is a regular lifesaver in our home! We use it at least weekly and have all sorts of go-to recipes for our weeknight dinner time meals. Today, I’m sharing one recipe for two-ingredient chicken and two ways to use it. Continue reading

Final GOLD Peach

Golden Peach Monkey Bread

By now you already know my food preparation style: quick and convenient. Healthy also makes me happy, but there are times when I like to indulge in a sweet treat. I have added a new peach twist to the already familiar “Monkey Bread Ring” and my family LOVES it! Supplies are minimal, prep is a breeze, and the end result is absolutely scrumptious. Take a few minutes to give this one a try and don’t worry about thanking me later.

IMG_1824 Continue reading


A Favorite From Leftovers: Ham & Bean Soup

Spring is here, so bring on the tulips! Then, within 24 hours pull your parka back out because we are in for some more snow! I have a great soup to share that you are sure to enjoy, especially if you live in a snowy, spring wonderland like we do.

As a busy, working mom my favorite dinner recipes are simple, nutritious, practical, and delicious. Anytime I can combine a healthful combination utilizing leftovers in my crock-pot, I become one happy lady. The soup recipe I’m sharing today Continue reading


Pesto Drizzle & Tortellini Skewers: A Perfect Holiday Appetizer

Friends, you have got to give this pretty, quick, delicious and mostly healthy appetizer a try! It’s perfectly festive to serve or share at your upcoming holiday gathering. I have modified Continue reading


Baked Blueberry Almond Oatmeal

One of the ways I make life easier on our family during the week is by sometimes making a couple meals on the weekend that we can grab and eat during the week. Breakfast can get awfully boring at our house as we look for food to grab. To add a little variety, this tends to be a meal I focus on during my weekend cook offs.

One of my favorite go to breakfasts these days is baked oatmeal. Continue reading


The Easiest, Tastiest Ice Cream Pie Ever!

I owe my mom for this recipe. This has been one of her go-tos for parties for years. And it is always one of my favorites. I can remember eating these pies when I was just a bit older than N! We went to a friend’s BaByQ last weekend and were asked to contribute a treat. I decided to whip these easy and tasty treats up to share with our friends. Continue reading


Blue Coconut Berries Recipe

I am always looking for easy and healthy snack options. Something I’m not always willing to admit, however, is that I have an insatiable sweet tooth. If I have any vice in life, it’s my need for treats!

Enter Blue Coconut Berries. I love this recipe because it’s incredibly quick and easy. It gives me the opportunity to indulge in a sweet treat without too much guilt. It incorporates fresh fruit and the scrumptious flavor of coconut. Outside of the powdered sugar, this is a fairly healthful snack and one that I comfortably allow my toddler to consume. Continue reading