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Negotiate Your Medical Bills Away

Bills, bills, go away! Don’t come back on any day!

So, Kerstin has told me a number of times that I need to blog about the topic of Continue reading


Family Maternity Photos

We have been blessed to have some awesome photographers in our lives over the years! A dear friend of ours, Corrie of Corrie L. Photography, has done numerous family sessions for us. So, when it came time to get a few maternity photos with my two best guys, she was an easy choice. Continue reading


Be Brave Little One Baby Boy Sprinkle

I have been crazy, stupid excited over the arrival of Little Brother N. Now that he’s here safe and sound, I’m thrilled to share the way we celebrated him, and honored Kerstin’s second pregnancy, over the summer.

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Blooming Water Lillies - Sick

Morning Sickness Tales & Tips

This post isn’t for the faint of heart. Or rather, faint of stomach.  I’m going to get real about morning sickness, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. I know this is not a glamorous subject. But, according to the American Pregnancy Association,  it affects more than 50% of women during pregnancy. So, it’s worth having a visit about.
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I Wish I Could

My cherished circle of people have taken to becoming mommies. From first time pregnancies to adoptions and back over to growing families, I am surrounded by the blessing of children joining us earthside. I have big hopes and dreams for these women and these are the things I wish I could Continue reading


Are You Here For The Sex?

My heart is full of joy, my feet are full of fluid, and my brain is full of anticipation. This means we are still waiting patiently on the arrival of Baby B. Our guess date is still a couple of weeks away and the number one question we have been asked is, Continue reading


We Love You Already: 2nd Pregnancy Maternity Photo Shoot

I am absolutely bursting with excitement! It has been terribly hard to wait for this maternity photo shoot reveal! As usual, our beloved Sommer with BOKA Images has given us photos that we not only adore but will cherish for a lifetime. Her idea to Continue reading


We Are Having A Baby: Pregnancy Announcement…And Then There Were 4

I am thrilled to make an exciting announcement…

Surprise! We are expecting our second bundle of joy! I am well into my second trimester and have been waiting patiently to Continue reading


Advice to Myself the Day Before My 1st Baby Was Born

N was three days overdue. It is hysterical to me now, that at the time, these three days felt like months. Beginning a week before he was due, I started pouting and moping around like having to wait for my baby was the biggest inconvenience in the world! Partly due to this attitude but also because I was so uncomfortable, I decided to begin my maternity leave immediately after my due date, baby or no baby. I was due on a Friday. On Sunday evening, realizing I had a bad attitude and that this moping wasn’t doing anyone any good, I decided to take advantage of the free time I would have before the baby came. I made a list of all of the things I was going to due on Monday – chores, errands, and more baby prep. I felt relieved and refreshed after I made this commitment. The only problem: I was too late. I went into labor at 3 am on Monday morning. In hindsight, here’s what I would tell my pouting self to do the day before I had my baby.

Take a Breath and be Patient
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Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars! Part II

Thank you for  coming back today to share in our “Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars!” series. It was so fun to unveil our photo project this week in Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars! Part I. With each corresponding image, we are excited to describe the very personal choices we have made. Also, this is the way we are choosing to address “Mommy Wars” and we are honored to share in this process with you. We hope our images, coupled with the reasons we made these decisions, help to invoke fresh ideas and acceptance for mothers everywhere. We each do things a little differently, but our kiddos still turn out to be happy, healthy, and loved!


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