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Mud Room Art Area

Big Brother N could spend hours coloring, cutting, gluing, threading or doing some other type of art activity. Believe me, I’m a huge supporter of this, especially in the winter when his other favorite activity to request is TV. Over the years, we have received hand-me-down supplies from friends and my mom who was a preschool teacher for years as well as new materials as gifts. Our collection was really getting out of hand. Continue reading

I’m a Bad Ass and So Are You.

It’s 7:59 on a Saturday morning and I’m just closing down my office. Yes, my work office…on a weekend. When I woke at 4 AM to nurse my baby I couldn’t stop my mind from racing. There are about 1 million things in my work world that need accomplished. Add to that the other million in my home and here I sit, taking care of one thing so that I can go on to take care of the next.  Continue reading

9 Things I Hope My Grown Son Can Say About His Working Mom

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had several well-intentioned people in my life say something to me that I have found quite hurtful. Their comments were not in reference to me but, being a working momma myself, I couldn’t help but feel stung by their words. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Heidi: Moms, Don’t Dis Direct Sales Just Yet

Meet Heidi


We are so excited to introduce our dear friend, Heidi, to our beloved JBJ community today. As a wife, mom, sister and friend, she is many different things to many people. She is constantly going and pursuing her passions; something we love and admire about her. Because of this, we knew she would make an awesome guest blogger! We have been on her for a while to share some of her amazing stories. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has decided to talk about this passion in today’s post. Continue reading

5 Reasons a Family Friendly Business is Important to This Mom

A while back in Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars Part III, I mentioned that I’m taking a stronger interest in family friendly workplaces. Among other things, I’m trying to learn what family friendly businesses look like, what employees value most about them, what employees still feel they need, and how these steps actually positively affect a business’ bottom line. Two years ago, this may not have even been a topic on my radar.

Luckily, I have a fairly positive firsthand experience on what a family friendly business looks like. The company I work for offers many of the benefits I anticipate will appear on my “How to be a Family Friendly Business” list down the road. But, what I didn’t realize is how important these things would become to me, basically overnight. And now that I have, I feel they should be offered to all parents out there. Let’s not forget, we are raising a generation of people that will eventually infiltrate our businesses, become influencers and decision makers, and lead our companies. So, we should want to be the primary source that raises them, as well as set a strong tone and example for them. While I still have lots of reading, researching, and interviewing to do, what I do feel I can confidently talk about today is this: 5 Reasons a Family Friendly Business is Important to This Mom. I think this applies to a dad, too, but my perspective is that of a mom’s, so that’s what you’re going to get today.

Continue reading