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Negotiate Your Medical Bills Away

Bills, bills, go away! Don’t come back on any day!

So, Kerstin has told me a number of times that I need to blog about the topic of Continue reading

Our Favorite Toddler Books Right Now

One thing I have done every day with N, even before he was born, is read to him. It is one of my favorite parts of the day and one I never compromise. It allows me time to cuddle up with my guy, unwind, relax, and focus only on him. We both know that no matter what else happens throughout the day, we can count on having this time together before bed each night. Even on the days we’re running from one thing to the next and we’ve hardly looked each other in the eyes, our night time routine provides regular connection and bonding. Continue reading

Christmas Eve Box: Share the Magic & Start a Tradition

December has arrived and we invite you to join us in starting a new Christmas tradition! Give a Christmas Eve Box as a magical gift to open. It contains the fun needed to keep little minds and hands busy before resting their heads to dream of sugarplum fairies. A Christmas Eve Box can contain anything your heart desires from personalized ornaments to favorite toys or treats. This special gift gives children the chance to open a present in anticipation of Christmas day and provides a family activity that can make a wonderful annual tradition.

We have created a few different and adorable Christmas Eve Boxes to save you time during this busy holiday season! Some of our favorite things have been included such as best loved stories, a letter from Santa, hot cocoa and popcorn. Check out our offers below and order your box by December 16th, 2015. Continue reading

A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday

My first and only, Baby A, turned two a little over two months ago. After his second birthday I went back through old photos to reminisce over the past 365 days of our time together. When I came across his first birthday photos, I had a wonderful time remembering his party. We had a blast planning it and I was reminded of the feelings and emotions of preparing for the huge (in my mind) celebration of navigating our first year as first time parents. Continue reading

I’ll Choose You & The Floor Everytime

There are a lot of things I need to work on as a parent. But there are also a lot of things I do well and am proud of. While I still sometimes struggle with my decision to be a working mom, I have dedicated myself to being an active and engaged mom in the time I have with N. I consciously and proactively take steps to make sure my personal needs and our home’s needs are taken care of during N’s naps or after bedtime, to the best of my ability, and I take full advantage of lunch hours and my fairly flexible work schedule so that I can maximize the connection and experiences N and I share. But I am always looking for ways and ideas to be more engaged and a better mom.

I am currently reading the book Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford. I am only about 30 percent of my way through the book but, already, I have had “aha” moments as well as feelings of extreme pride as I realize I have implemented some of the suggested tactics both consciously and without even knowing it. As I was reading the other night, I noticed the author was pounding the message about the importance of connecting with our kids. I began to think about the moments that I really, really connect with N and the choices that I make to assist in these times of connection. One of the first things I realized was: almost every time I am in the same room with N, I choose to sit on the floor. Continue reading

A Master Librarian’s Early Literacy Tips by Jenn

As you probably caught in my introduction from Tuesday, I have loved books for longer than I can remember. It was probably obvious to everyone but me that my passion for books would lead to my career as a librarian. Thankfully I have passed that love of reading onto our son, although in all honesty, he never had a chance.

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Guest Blogging in July: Meet Jenn

July is shaping up to be an exciting month at Jelly Bean Journals! We have reached out to some of the people we admire and adore the most and asked them to contribute to our July Guest Blog Month.

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