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Let’s Talk About this Sensitive, Controversial Topic for Mom Friends

A while back, I got together with a group of friends, mostly moms, and the topic came up about disciplining other people’s children. Everyone seemed to have very different opinions on this. It makes sense that there were such a wide variety of responses; raising children is about the most personal, vulnerable thing you can do. As parents, we make what seems like hundreds of decisions a day that impact who our children are becoming. We are trying our best and doing what we believe is right. However, we all raise our kids our own way and have different standards for discipline within our home and families. What is right and what is tolerated in one home, is not in another. As Big Brother N gets older and is gradually with friends and grandparents more, this topic continues to stay on the top of my mind. Continue reading

Wrapping Up the Holiday with Memes

We survived. Christmas is over. Fun was had by all and stress was shared by some. Love for our children has prevailed, yet I need some “Meme Therapy” to laugh off the hustle and bustle of this holiday season. I don’t know how you feel about memes or if you’re even interested in them. Continue reading

Frustrating Parent Lessons

It’s major confession time. If you aren’t prepared to share in the frustration of raising a toddler, today’s post probably isn’t for you. If you are still reading, please remember that I love my son just like any mother loves their child. As I partly shared in Loving Life with a Toddler: The Things I Most Appreciate Today there are countless Continue reading

Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars! Part III

We are winding down our “Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars!” series today. It has been so wonderful to share this project with each of you! After posting Part I and Part II, we have loved all of the public and private comments and thoughts you have shared. Thank you for joining with us in an effort to humanize motherhood and promote empathy and compassion for one another. We hope you enjoy our final installment today. So, we now present Happy, Healthy & Loved. Stop the Mommy Wars Part III: Continue reading

Scream-Free Mommy

The first time I yelled at my son he was 16 months old, to the day. I had raised my voice before and had even become frustrated over various things, but this time was different. Typically, I am very good at redirecting, explaining my feelings, teaching alternate or correct behavior and moving on. As a family we are committed to giving choices and alternate acceptable actions to promote positive behavior modification with problem solving. Something was different, however, on this particular morning. Continue reading