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She’s At The Lake

Since losing my dad a decade ago, my mom has been rolling solo. Watching my mom lose her very best friend was almost worse than holding my dad’s hand for the last time. Part of me wanted her to find another companion. She certainly never planned to say goodbye to such a young husband and as each year rolled by without him, she was reminded of the plans they made but would never enjoy together. I watched this wear her down. She started to believe she would live the entire second half of her life alone. My fun loving and vivacious mother was turning Continue reading

Dear 20 Something Self: A Letter To That Early 20’s Gal

20161022_101636I hit a big birthday over the weekend, friends. That celebration and some priceless time with a college bestie have zapped me back through the roller coaster of my early twenties. If I could score a DeLorean, I would place the following note in the mailbox of my college apartment…

Dear 20 Something Self,

Continue reading

Dear Dad: I Meant Every Word

Dear Dad,

I hope you are happy and doing well! I miss you so much and have a great deal to tell!

First, our son has gotten so big so quickly! I remember you telling me how the older I got the faster time would fly. You were so right and it seems like his first year of life has diminished in the blink of an eye. It’s been so fun to watch him learn and grow but I’ve already forgotten what it feels like to hold a 7 pound baby when I hoist our 19 month old to my hip. Continue reading