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Scared to Death Over Peanuts: Finding Sensitivity

It’s official. I’m that mom…the helicopter mom. I just spent the holiday season hovering over my 4-year-old hounding him about Continue reading


True Toddler Fashion: “TTF Part I”

I've come up with a FUN project that I would love to do with all of you! Help me complete the True Toddler Fashion Part II project! Make sure your little person picks their own attire, snap a photo, and then submit it to us here at Jelly Bean Journals by emailing or posting in the comments below. Now, read on for the rest of the story...

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Dramatic Play: Everyday Life as a Learning Tool

While I am not an expert on dramatic play, I observe our toddler engaging in it on an almost daily basis. This activity takes place when a child performs or imitates everyday life scenarios and situations. I want to share a few “real life” play ideas and provide reassurance that it really is a good thing when our toddlers empty their drawer of freshly folded laundry…even if we mommies want to cry and pull our hair out.

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