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My 5 Favorite “New” Baby Products

I was anxious with anticipation as I lay in the ultrasound room waiting to find out if I was having a boy or girl. It was my choice last time to wait to find out the sex of Big Brother N. This time, Seano really wanted to know. Prior to our 20-week appointment we had decided we would find out the sex of our growing baby. Little Brother N wasn’t cooperating as the ultrasound tech drove the wand over my belly and we waited and waited for what felt like hours but was probably mere seconds. Finally, she said, “Oh, I can tell what you are!” She proceeded to type, “Oh boy, I’m a boy!” on the ultrasound screen next his male parts. We were going to have another baby boy! Several things immediately went through my head: little boys love their mommas so hard, and I was going to be lucky enough to get to experience this again; a built in best friend for Big Brother N; and we would hardly need anything as I kept EVERYTHING from Big Brother N’s babyhood. So far, it seems I’m right on all three accounts. Continue reading

Frustrating Parent Lessons

It’s major confession time. If you aren’t prepared to share in the frustration of raising a toddler, today’s post probably isn’t for you. If you are still reading, please remember that I love my son just like any mother loves their child. As I partly shared in Loving Life with a Toddler: The Things I Most Appreciate Today there are countless Continue reading

10 Essentials For Nursing Moms

Nursing our son was one of the most wonderful experiences I encountered during his first days and months on this earth. Many things contributed to our nursing success including a supportive husband and raw dedication. I highly encourage every mom to breastfeed.

Along with supporting the health of our babies, there is a magical emotional state we can experience as mommies through this bonding process.

Every situation is different and we all have varying experiences, but I found certain products to be wonderful assets in our breastfeeding evolution. This is the list of items that helped us in our nursing journey: Continue reading