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All the Single Working Mommies

All the Single Working Mommies:

I see you and I couldn’t possibly pretend to fully understand your reality. I will tell you that when my husband is away at a work conference, I can barely hack it. From the moment he leaves I start a mental countdown to the time when my support will return. Continue reading

A Letter from Leo the Gerbil

Before school let out for summer, Daddy D agreed to bring Leo the Gerbil home from Kiddo A’s class. Kiddo A and his buddies have loved caring for this furry critter. We also think Leo has adapted to his new surroundings nicely. Leo recently asked if he could let the other children from Mrs. Hyde’s class know how he is doing. Naturally, I obliged, and have turned the keyboard over to our temporary pet gerbil so that he can give his own update…


Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures of a Traveling Mommy

I’m a working mommy and about 20% of my career responsibilities include spending time on the road or away from home. During Baby A’s first year of life it felt like my heart was being ripped out each time I left him and before he was born I had a very difficult time saying goodbye to my husband. I just miss them both when I have to be away.

Most often I try to Continue reading

Dear Dad: I Meant Every Word

Dear Dad,

I hope you are happy and doing well! I miss you so much and have a great deal to tell!

First, our son has gotten so big so quickly! I remember you telling me how the older I got the faster time would fly. You were so right and it seems like his first year of life has diminished in the blink of an eye. It’s been so fun to watch him learn and grow but I’ve already forgotten what it feels like to hold a 7 pound baby when I hoist our 19 month old to my hip. Continue reading