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A Grow With Me Adventure Room for My Little Adventurer

Three years ago, Seano and I bought what we believe is our forever home (or at least a long, long, long time home). If you remember, a few years back I struggled to leave our last home, but because our current home has so many of the features we were afte Continue reading

A Love Letter to Our Home

Seano and I bought and sold a home in April. The main reason for our move was functionality. It had nothing do with lack of love or fondness for our house. We were crowded and the layout wasn’t working for for us anymore. Probably like most people, we despise the moving process. So, we set out to find a house that we can live in for the rest of our lives if we choose to. Luckily, and very quickly, I might add, we did!

While helping us move at the beginning of April, Chelse mentioned we should write a love letter to the house Seano and I had lived in for nearly the last five years. I giggled and quickly brushed it off as I was busy moving and unpacking boxes. Then, later in the evening, our dear friend Jessi said that our friendship grew up in that house, and she was right (some of the friendships I treasure most are with a group of ladies that I met and started friendships with about the same time Seano and I bought this house). This statement sent a rush of emotions through me and I was finally able to admit to myself that my heart hurt to be leaving this house.

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