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Yes To Tomatoes Face Mask Review #momtruth Vlog

Get ready to hear some hilarious mom truth in this not-so-expert review of a Yes to Tomatoes Face Mask. Epic failure using beauty products is just part of the mommy game for me! I also know about one of life’s best kept beauty secrets – laughing at myself!

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Mommy Juice: Ranking Recap of “Hang at the Hangar with Mystic Mountain Tour!”

Here at Jelly Bean Journals, we honor our very purpose as a blog by celebrating all things sweet and sour about mommyhood. We openly and honestly talk about the good, bad, beautiful, and challenging things we have experienced being mommies. Being a mom also means finding other moms to lean on for support, sisterhood, and fun! Thus, enter our ongoing Mommy Juice Series and a recent night out with 39 awesome friends! Scroll down to check out details about this event and the drinks we tried. At the very end of this post you will find out what our participants had to say. Continue reading

Dear 20 Something Self: A Letter To That Early 20’s Gal

20161022_101636I hit a big birthday over the weekend, friends. That celebration and some priceless time with a college bestie have zapped me back through the roller coaster of my early twenties. If I could score a DeLorean, I would place the following note in the mailbox of my college apartment…

Dear 20 Something Self,

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From the Mouths of Mommas – #6

In this series we ask multiple mommas one question. The answers show the love, joy and struggles we experience each day, week, month, year or lifetime. Although the answers may vary, it’s clear we are working toward the same results: healthy, happy and loved children! 

If your children learn only one thing from you, what would you want it to be and why?

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How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Makes You a Better Mom

If you follow our Facebook page or read the blog last Tuesday, you are well aware that Chelse and I spent the weekend in Salt Lake at the 2015 Build Your Blog Conference. This was the first blog conference we have attended and being fairly new to the industry we weren’t quite sure what to expect. While we are really enjoying writing and sharing content with our community, there is tons to learn about blogging as a business, growing our blog, monetizing, photography and video. To say I was intimidated going into the conference was a pretty big understatement. Continue reading

A Shared Love

This is a special holiday week at Jelly Bean Journals. Instead of our regular posting schedule, we will be sharing an image with you everyday until Friday. Each picture is precious to us for a particular reason and we are excited to reminisce with you.

Girls 5-1

To start the week, I picked this picture from our shoot with Corrie L Photography. She captured some wonderful images that day and this particular shot conjures so many thoughts for me. Because of our silhouettes, this picture is universal and could represent any set of moms and their little people, much in the way we hope that our blog is ubiquitous. When I look at it, I am reminded of the magical love shared between mothers and their kiddos. I appreciate the way that our children are ever so splendid in our own eyes. I reflect on the way Kerstin loves N and that I admire her as a fellow mommy. Then, I become surprised at how very much I also love N because he is not mine yet I would do anything for him. I know that we will adore this picture even more when our boys are taller than us and we have to stand on our tiptoes for a kiss instead of bending at the waste. Better yet, we will probably be the ones receiving a forehead kiss! While the thought of losing these seconds as they pass saddens me, I’m also excited to see what the future holds for these precious young boys. This is an image of shared love I will always cherish.

A Letter to My 2 Year Old on His Birthday

N turned two on October 15. For those of you saying, “Two already?!?” Yes, yes, he’s two already. Earlier this year, I shared A Letter to My 1 Year Old on His Birthday. This is a tradition I started in the journal I kept during my pregnancy with N and I plan to write N a letter on his birthday each year. I hope you enjoy this year’s letter to my little monkey!


Another year has flown by! And you are turning two today!

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Love Him As He Is Today

When N was about 14 months, he was having horrible tantrums. As a first time mom I was unsure if these were normal in quantity and/or scale and nothing we seemed to be trying at home was working. One of the first places I went for advice was to Ms. E, the owner/teacher at N’s daycare/preschool. In addition to our own moms, she has become a great resource for us. She has provided amazing care to dozens of children and N spends 30-40 hours a week in her program so she knows him pretty darn well. Anyway, I went to her, incredibly frustrated, looking for any suggestions she had to minimize or get rid of these tantrums. During our conversation she mentioned something that stuck out to me. She said, “You have to love him for exactly who he is today.” She wasn’t suggesting we support these tantrums or indulge them, but just that there was a bigger picture to our current situation. Continue reading

A Union & Celebration To Remember

It’s nearing time to celebrate another year of marriage with my wonderful hubby. My, how time flies! Do you remember reading Hello! Chelse Here when we first launched our blog? I had eluded to the day I got married in that post by writing, “our wedding was ridiculously fun and I have asked him on a couple of different occasions to remarry me so that we can do it all over again! He is good at all of the things I am not and we make an awesome team.” Well, as I already shared earlier this week in Hi, Teacher! Welcome Back!, Daddy D and I are getting ready to celebrate our 4th year anniversary and these sentiments are still accurate for us.


In reflecting on our wedding I cannot help but pull out the pictures our professional wedding photographer, Shannon Miller with Special Moments Photography, took. She captured over 2,000 wedding images for us! I don’t think I have ever shared the entire electronic album with anyone but my immediate family. When I look through these pictures they are filled with some of the people we love very most. They traveled from near and far. It was incredibly special to have them in one place at one time for one huge celebration. Because of this, I’m going to share around 140 photos from our wedding. (These do not include the images from our reception once everyone really cut loose.) They are beautiful and special to me, however, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and those who were there to celebrate on that special day with us. Continue reading