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The Love & Joy of Raising Our Toddler Daughter

As I shared in “Loving Life with a Toddler: The Things I Most Appreciate Today” I was extremely surprised by how deeply I loved being the mom of a toddler. I must say that I have a completely different relationship with our little girl, Baby B, than with our little boy, Kiddo A, but I’m just as fond of her toddler stage. She regularly leaves me missing the two-year-old version of the boy who made me a mom and I delight in watching her explore, develop, and acquire knowledge.

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VIBES: Where A Kid Can Be A Kid & Learn

I have a quick share today about an outstanding program our family recently became involved in. It’s important to my husband and me that our son has access to activities that engage him emotionally, mentally and physically. Last year we enrolled him in an infant and toddler tumbling class with Kerstin and N. We loved this class but tried something new over the summer. I have a short series of pictures to share today along with the reasons we love VIBES, our new fine and performing arts studio.

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