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3 Favorite Products for Baby’s Itchy Skin

As I shared earlier this week in Dogs, Cats, & Peanuts, OH MY! A Toddler’s Allergies Part I, our son has had dry, itchy skin since he was born. There were days, when he was still a helpless infant, that he was absolutely miserable due to his irritated skin. It was so sad to watch his discomfort before he acquired the fine motor skills to scratch his own skin.

Although we are grateful to have more answers, now, as to what is causing his skin reactions, I am not quite ready to give up our fine tuned skin regimen. After getting the okay from the Pediatric Allergist, we have decided to keep Eucerin Lotion, Aquaphor, and Cortizone readily handy and available for continued and consistent use!

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Dogs, Cats, & Peanuts, OH MY! A Toddler’s Allergies Part I

Our now toddler has had skin issues since he was born and he has developed further complications as he has grown older. Even though we were told that he would outgrow his dry, itchy skin condition, it was heartbreaking to watch as his fine motor skills prematurely developed out of necessity to scratch his cracked, rashed head. (Thursday’s post will have the skin regimen and products that made, and continues to make, our lives so much easier in way of relieving his skin irritations.) As I shared in The Start of a Movement: Baby A’s Birth Story Part I and Part II, our son was born via “emergency C-Section” which is probably partially responsible for his current condition. He has recently been diagnosed with three specific allergies to dogs, cats, and peanuts as well as asthma and eczema.

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