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Scared to Death Over Peanuts: Finding Sensitivity

It’s official. I’m that mom…the helicopter mom. I just spent the holiday season hovering over my 4-year-old hounding him about Continue reading

Mommy Juice: Ranking Recap of “Hang at the Hangar with Mystic Mountain Tour!”

Here at Jelly Bean Journals, we honor our very purpose as a blog by celebrating all things sweet and sour about mommyhood. We openly and honestly talk about the good, bad, beautiful, and challenging things we have experienced being mommies. Being a mom also means finding other moms to lean on for support, sisterhood, and fun! Thus, enter our ongoing Mommy Juice Series and a recent night out with 39 awesome friends! Scroll down to check out details about this event and the drinks we tried. At the very end of this post you will find out what our participants had to say. Continue reading

R-E-S-P-E-C-T the RSVP

 Knee deep in wedding season, I wanted to take a moment to send a public service announcement through this awesome communication tool I now have! This is an issue I am sometimes equally guilty of myself. R-E-S-P-E-C-T the RSVP. Summarizing, in case anyone doesn’t know or has forgotten, it means respond to the sender letting them know if you will be accepting or declining the invitation.

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