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“Bee” Day Party: Bumble Bee Birthday Party for Our 1-Year-Old

I love decorating for my kids’ birthday parties and I go all-out, especially for their first birthdays. I suspect that this is something that will change as my kiddos get older because they will call the shots for their special days and probably end my party decorating craze era.


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Guest Blogger April: My Child Doesn’t Want a Birthday Party, and I’m OK with It!

Meet April

13726648_1374419782573855_6635474847978020451_nMeet our sweet friend, April! April is a full-time working momma to two boys, ages seven and three. She is also a loving, doting wife to her hubs Drew (you may recognize that name from A Dad’s Dilemma: Why is this Kid Crying?). Her three year old, B, and N have been at daycare, with a nanny, and at preschool together since  B was 12 weeks old. These boys are practically brothers and Continue reading

Despicable Me Birthday Party For Our 2-Year-Old

Kerstin and I went to a dinosaur themed toddler birthday party over the weekend. Our families joined us for “Little Handsome’s” second birthday celebration and everything was adorable from the dinosaur bone digging activity to the parting favors. Baby A was an active participant in selecting a present for Little Handsome, as well. He was insistent on gifting cupcakes which presented it’s own set of challenges while shopping the weekend before the gathering. Continue reading

Kerstin’s 2014 Fall Recap

Our family had a busy and wonderful fall. (Check out past recaps here and here.) I’ve been thinking and processing the term “busy” lately. I have finally been able to accept that life is just going to be busy. For a long time, I seemed to say things like, “when things slow down” or “when things get back to normal.”  Well, for us, normal is busy. We are the kind of family that relishes togetherness and lives by experience. So, I’m embracing it instead of fighting it. And, I love fall in Wyoming so that makes being busy even easier to embrace! I am always up for taking advantage of any nice weather the season still has left in it. This year, we were blessed with many beautiful fall days.  With N’s birthday and the start of the holidays, fall also brings a season of togetherness for our families which is something I always enjoy! Anyway, on to our Fall 2014 Recap.

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A Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday

My first and only, Baby A, turned two a little over two months ago. After his second birthday I went back through old photos to reminisce over the past 365 days of our time together. When I came across his first birthday photos, I had a wonderful time remembering his party. We had a blast planning it and I was reminded of the feelings and emotions of preparing for the huge (in my mind) celebration of navigating our first year as first time parents. Continue reading

Lil N Turns 1

N turned 1 in October.  I had so much fun putting together a birthday party for him. I know he won’t remember it, but I will and we’ll show him photos.  We chose a “You Are My Sunshine” theme.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain, but N is simply that, our sunshine. The last 17 months has been an incredible adventure and choosing this theme was a way to honor what he has brought and added to our lives. This is also a song I and his grandmas sing to him regularly. It was the perfect choice.

I’m pretty confident some of our family and friends thought we (i.e. me) went overboard but I don’t mind. I enjoy being crafty and I really, really enjoy spoiling my little boy. Continue reading