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MALIA MEI: A Courageous Birth – Part I

When we got our hands on the birth story of a very special little lady as seen through the eyes of her father, we couldn’t put it down. We don’t often have the opportunity to experience the challenges of bringing babies into this world through the perspective of their dads. Michael Moline, a college instructor, loving husband and devoted father, has graciously agreed to let us launch a series using his writing on this very topic. He titled his memoir “Malia Mei: A Courageous Birth” and we will be sharing it in multiple parts on a bi-weekly basis right here on the blog. We couldn’t be more honored that he is allowing us to share his beautiful work and we think you will love it as much as we do. Please include your questions and thoughts in the comments and we will make sure Michael has the opportunity to address them.

MALIA MEI: A Courageous Birth

by Michael Moline

A father’s recollection of the joy, fear, and hardships leading up to and following the unexpected premature birth of his daughter. The story of Malia Mei’s courageous journey following her birth. Continue reading

An Unforgettable Girlfriends Anniversary

I have been surrounded by amazing women for pretty much my entire life. I can look back at a specific window of my lifetime and name at least a handful of ladies that have significantly influenced my life and from each time frame I’ve stayed in touch with at least one of them. But, life gets busy. We evolve, move, and our priorities change. I am not close to every single one of these women today. There are some I haven’t seen in years, some I have owed a phone call for months, some I get to see annually, and others who brighten my life daily. However, when I think of any of them, my heart fills with warmth, yearns for the next time we will have the opportunity to laugh together until our faces and stomachs hurt, and hopes and prays they are experiencing happiness and love in their lives. Continue reading

I Hyphenated My Last Name…Here’s Why

I was raised in what many would consider to be a traditional home by my married, biological parents and in tandem with my biological siblings. I grew up in a conventional setting and have since returned to my conservative hometown to raise my own family. Yet, the feedback I received (and continue to receive) about my “radical” choice to hyphenate my last name has ranged from Continue reading

A Union & Celebration To Remember

It’s nearing time to celebrate another year of marriage with my wonderful hubby. My, how time flies! Do you remember reading Hello! Chelse Here when we first launched our blog? I had eluded to the day I got married in that post by writing, “our wedding was ridiculously fun and I have asked him on a couple of different occasions to remarry me so that we can do it all over again! He is good at all of the things I am not and we make an awesome team.” Well, as I already shared earlier this week in Hi, Teacher! Welcome Back!, Daddy D and I are getting ready to celebrate our 4th year anniversary and these sentiments are still accurate for us.


In reflecting on our wedding I cannot help but pull out the pictures our professional wedding photographer, Shannon Miller with Special Moments Photography, took. She captured over 2,000 wedding images for us! I don’t think I have ever shared the entire electronic album with anyone but my immediate family. When I look through these pictures they are filled with some of the people we love very most. They traveled from near and far. It was incredibly special to have them in one place at one time for one huge celebration. Because of this, I’m going to share around 140 photos from our wedding. (These do not include the images from our reception once everyone really cut loose.) They are beautiful and special to me, however, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and those who were there to celebrate on that special day with us. Continue reading

Hi, Teacher! Welcome Back!

Daddy D and I are preparing to celebrate our 4 year anniversary (you’ll remember reading about our engagement in Happily Ever After). Although this February we will have been together for 10 years, the past 4 seem to have been our most trying…and rewarding. Most recently, welcoming Baby A into our family has been a top highlight while learning to navigate as married, working parents has been challenging. Through everything I have a partner and teammate. I sometimes expect too much and other times ask for too little. But, most importantly to me, I am blessed with someone who loves me through my worst and stands proudly beside me at my best.

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A 50/50 Marriage

Tomorrow, June 11, Seano and I will be married four years. When I say, “four years,” it sounds like no time at all. But, when I look back at all that has happened in four years, I am truly amazed.

Happy Anniversary Seano! I’m sure I don’t say it enough. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do, selflessly, for our family. I truly believe I am the best version of myself to date because of you and I’m so blessed to be creating this life with you.


The Most Recent Picture of the 3 of Us – How Life Changes in 4 Years!

Seano and I believe in and do our best to support a 50/50 marriage. To me that means a marriage that: is a product of equal effort from both individuals in all regards including work, home, children and many other areas; recognizes each person’s needs and wants; encompasses both listening and talking; and is founded on mutual respect for each other. However, we have learned through real life experience, that maintaining a 50/50 marriage at all times is not realistic.

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