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Mommy Juice: Ranking Recap of “Momscow Mule Tour!”

Here at Jelly Bean Journals, we honor our very purpose as a blog by celebrating all things sweet and sour about mommyhood. We openly and honestly talk about the good, bad, beautiful, and challenging things we have experienced being mommies. Being a mom also means finding other moms to lean on for support, sisterhood, and fun! Thus, enter our ongoing Mommy Juice Series, our third Mommy Juice event and a recent Momscow Mule Tour with 37 awesome friends! Scroll down to check out details about this event and the drinks we tried.  Continue reading

Let’s Talk About this Sensitive, Controversial Topic for Mom Friends

A while back, I got together with a group of friends, mostly moms, and the topic came up about disciplining other people’s children. Everyone seemed to have very different opinions on this. It makes sense that there were such a wide variety of responses; raising children is about the most personal, vulnerable thing you can do. As parents, we make what seems like hundreds of decisions a day that impact who our children are becoming. We are trying our best and doing what we believe is right. However, we all raise our kids our own way and have different standards for discipline within our home and families. What is right and what is tolerated in one home, is not in another. As Big Brother N gets older and is gradually with friends and grandparents more, this topic continues to stay on the top of my mind. Continue reading

A Shared Love

This is a special holiday week at Jelly Bean Journals. Instead of our regular posting schedule, we will be sharing an image with you everyday until Friday. Each picture is precious to us for a particular reason and we are excited to reminisce with you.

Girls 5-1

To start the week, I picked this picture from our shoot with Corrie L Photography. She captured some wonderful images that day and this particular shot conjures so many thoughts for me. Because of our silhouettes, this picture is universal and could represent any set of moms and their little people, much in the way we hope that our blog is ubiquitous. When I look at it, I am reminded of the magical love shared between mothers and their kiddos. I appreciate the way that our children are ever so splendid in our own eyes. I reflect on the way Kerstin loves N and that I admire her as a fellow mommy. Then, I become surprised at how very much I also love N because he is not mine yet I would do anything for him. I know that we will adore this picture even more when our boys are taller than us and we have to stand on our tiptoes for a kiss instead of bending at the waste. Better yet, we will probably be the ones receiving a forehead kiss! While the thought of losing these seconds as they pass saddens me, I’m also excited to see what the future holds for these precious young boys. This is an image of shared love I will always cherish.