Baby’s 1st Easter Basket

I know I’m not shocking any of you when I say that we are big holiday people. Well, more accurately, I am a big holiday person. I always go overboard and have been working on scaling back to a more reasonable level. I will always have special treats and traditions for my family around the holiday, but maybe, just maybe they don’t need quite so many.

With a new baby in the house, I am certain the Easter Bunny will be bringing two baskets this year. Especially for Big Brother N’s sake, the Easter Bunny will not forget my baby. But, the big guy with floppy ears doesn’t need to go overboard like he did on Big Brother N’s first Easter.

If I could track the Easter Bunny down, here’s what I’d ask him to put in Little Brother N’s Easter Basket.


Melissa & Doug Plush Burrow Bunny Rabbit – If you ask me, every 1st Easter basket requires a sweet stuffy. And I can’t imagine my new babe cuddling with anything softer than this adorable bunny.


Peep Peep I Love You Book – By now, you know how much our family loves books. Books are such a great alternative to toys, and we are always happy to throw a new one in our cycle. I’m sure this sweet, simple book with cute illustrations will be an Easter favorite.


Too Hip to Hop Onesie – No Easter basket is complete without some form of attire. I think his “Too Hip to Hop” shirt is perfect for my hip babe. Although, no one, and I mean no one, in our family is actually too hip to hop.


Sprout Organic Quinoa Mango, Carrot Puffs – Goodies and treats are always tricky for wee ones. I thought these were the perfect alternative to candy but still provided a nibbly offering for a little guy who still doesn’t have any teeth.


Sueded Cross-Strap Sandals – What adorable, little, summer sandals to have peeking out of an Easter basket! Pretty perfect for the season that’s right around the corner, too.


Clip-On Hamburger Teether – I couldn’t resist adding this too-cute-for-words hamburger teether to our basket list. Perfect for this stage of babyhood, and something playful to add to the basket. Also, I love the clip as we are always having to locate toys and teethers in the bottom of seats, swings and bouncers.


Chomps Brushie – I have heard these are great for babies to chew on as well as to start getting littles comfortable with a tooth brush. So cute! Do I need to say more?

There you have it; our Easter basket wish list for Little Brother N. What have I missed? Any other baby appropriate ideas you’d like to offer?

Also, here are a couple cute baby Easter basket ideas I found (click on photo for link).

Basket 2



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