Are You Here For The Sex?

My heart is full of joy, my feet are full of fluid, and my brain is full of anticipation. This means we are still waiting patiently on the arrival of Baby B. Our guess date is still a couple of weeks away and the number one question we have been asked is, “is it a boy or girl?” Because Toddler A’s gender also remained a surprise, Daddy D and I were prepared this pregnancy for how often we would be asked. My favorite response has become:

“We are doing a Baby Surprise!”


I’m positive I did not coin this phrase, but I’d like to think it has some merit of originality. There are a couple of reasons my husband and I decided to partake in a Baby Surprise with each pregnancy. I will share that this go around I did originally want to know the sex of our baby because I thought it would be fun to change things up. However, the element of surprise when discovering the gender of our first baby was one of the most wonderful things about our labor and delivery. It felt like a blessed closure to months of wonderment and I’m looking forward to having that moment, again, with this new angel. Also, learning the gender after the baby is born allows our friends and family to not only share in our joy but also participate in clothes shopping. This lands on the lighter side of things, but it was so much fun to receive boy clothes after the birth of Toddler A when the reveal was still new and I didn’t have to wait to put them on him!


I understand why others want to know the gender of their baby before their birth. It must be much easier to prepare a nursery, wardrobe, and names. I like thinking of the surprise as a chance to let go and trust that my family will be blessed with the child we are meant to love and raise. The anticipation keeps me going and the excitement allows me to dream and wonder about this beautifully made little person who I have been connected to and in love with since I learned of his or her existence.


Almost all of our loved ones are convinced that the baby I have been carrying is a girl. This includes Toddler A, who has never wavered his confidence in the little sister he will soon meet. I am starting to worry how he will react to the news if our newborn is a boy! Daddy D has not shared his guess, and I’ve joined Team Girl with Toddler A. Now, it’s YOUR turn, Jelly Bean Journals community! Is anyone out there on Team Boy? I get to ask YOU:

“Is it a boy or girl?!”

Take a guess and post in the comment section below! We will know very soon and I’m excited to share with you!

Lastly, in case you are wondering if I have hijacked the blog, rest peacefully knowing that Kerstin has not left our beloved JBJ community! She traded me posting weeks and we promise to keep to our regular Tuesday schedule. Until this baby picks a birthday, however, Kerst has agreed to a flexible writing rotation for the sake of sanity when we do finally get to meet our little one!

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10 thoughts on “Are You Here For The Sex?

  1. I would love to see you have a daughter, but it seems like everyone is having boys. Can’t wait to meet that lil one.

    1. We do seem to be surrounded by boys, don’t we?!? We’d be thrilled with either…I have been itching to buy a little pink though! : )

  2. Kellan votes boy! But I think he just wants his buddy to be just like him. No matter what you have will be wonderful.

  3. I have to say that the Infant Room is lacking in girls. However, I am well versed in a community of boys. I’m still torn. Either will be a blessing. I am so excited to find out!

  4. I was so sure that toddler A was a girl that I’m afraid to repeat that mistake. Haha. I would love for you to have a little bundle of pink but we will love whatever God has sent!

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