And the Survey Says: Jelly Bean Journals 2014 Reader Survey Results

We are wrapping up our first reader survey this week and we are incredibly excited to share the results with you! (If you didn’t get a chance you share your input, you still have time and we would love to hear from you!) From “sense of community” to “I enjoy your perspective,” our hearts melted as we read through your responses for reasons you indulge in our blog each week. Our original intentions for Jelly Bean Journals were reflected in your answers and we feel blessed to have such a strong and supportive reader community!

JBJ 2-1

You also shared with us that you enjoyed our guest blog series and we have received some new offers for and from guest bloggers. We enjoyed that process, as well, and this is one aspect we intend to stick with. Additionally, we could relate deeply on so many of the areas in motherhood where you are most struggling. That list included postpartum issues, parenting consistently, working mommy guilt (see why it’s so important to moms to work for family friendly businesses here), getting kiddos to eat new foods, messy homes, balancing time, parenting adult children, and, as was shared a few weeks ago in “In-Laws & The Life We Share,” issues with marrying into a new family. These responses were powerful and gave us wonderful ideas on how to speak out about difficult and wonderful topics.

Responses on your Jelly Bean Journal reading schedule were also enlightening for us! Our “backstage” numbers have been telling us how many of you visit our site on our posting days. Overwhelmingly, Tuesday is the day you pop in to share in our content. Once visited, you read multiple posts at once. (Thank you!) Your survey responses also told us that you are most likely to read our blog once a week or every other week. As busy, full time working mamas we took this feedback to heart. We plan to adjust our content output to meet your interaction schedule. So, starting in November, we will be providing one post on a weekly basis. Our content will continue to alternate between the two of us and there will most likely be a “bonus” post here and there.

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Thank you, again, for giving us your feedback and sharing your thoughts. We are so pleased to be sharing in this journey with you and we look forward to exploring further with you! Much love from our hearts to yours!

All professional photos taken by Corrie at Corrie L. Photography.

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