All the Single Working Mommies

All the Single Working Mommies:

I see you and I couldn’t possibly pretend to fully understand your reality. I will tell you that when my husband is away at a work conference, I can barely hack it. From the moment he leaves I start a mental countdown to the time when my support will return.

I struggle in the morning when I have to wake up an hour earlier than I normally would just to be out the door on time. When there is no sharing of breakfast duty, taming morning hairdos, clothing two busy little bodies, packing lunches, and loading the car with a million bags, that extra hour of sleep is not a choice.

I’m sure that you wake up an hour before your kids every, single day.


I stress when the school calls because I know that the forgotten item or the sick child will fall on my shoulders despite what is happening at work that day. My career has to come second during these times. I’m grateful this is typically a shared responsibility so that I can have the career I choose and am happy in.

From the moment you began to parent by yourself, I suspect your career has come second.

I am utterly exhausted by the time I accomplish evening pickup, dinner, and bedtime routines. When my husband is home, I have the luxury of going to bed with our littles. But when he’s gone, I have to stay up to prep for the next day so that we can again be on time and eat supper before 8PM, when kiddos are supposed to be asleep. By the time I drag myself into bed and barely close my eyes, it’s time to jump into the following day. I don’t dream because I don’t fully reach REM and it’s all I can do not to hit snooze.

I bet you miss dreaming and don’t remember the last time you hit the pillow at a decent hour.


I nearly throw in the towel and cancel after school activities because they require additional brain gymnastics and problem solving. While I’m chauffeuring my kids to their enrichments I know that no one is at home prepping dinner, picking up the house, or running a bath. We manage to make it, but barely.

I know that you pull off your routine every, single week.  


This is just daily life and doesn’t include big events or celebrations. It doesn’t take into account doctor appointments, car issues, grocery shopping, reading, or exercising. You, dear single working mommies, are cut from a rare and tough cloth – soft enough to snuggle and strong enough to protect without tearing. I see you and couldn’t possibly pretend to pull it off as well as you.

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3 thoughts on “All the Single Working Mommies

  1. I totally agree. Brandon was gone for a long weekend and I decided it would be a good time to take all 3 kids on the two hour road trip to see my parents. I wasn’t in my right mind when I thought that.

  2. I totally agree. Brandon was gone for a long weekend and I decided it would be a good time to take all 3 kids on the two hour road trip to see my parents. I wasn’t in my right mind when I thought that.

    1. Oh gosh! How did it turn out? I sometimes think the store is a good idea until I’m reminded otherwise by a tantrum, blowout, or some other crazy “what just halpened?” moment!

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