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Girls 30-1About the Blog

Thanks for visiting our site. Jelly Bean Journals is a mommy blog that covers all things sweet and sour about mommyhood. To us, our name Jelly Bean Journals is playful and conveys what we plan to talk about on this blog – the good, bad, beautiful, and challenging things we have experienced being mommies.  In naming our blog, it was important to us to find a name that is gender neutral and encompasses all of childhood so we can continue to write as our boys and families grow. Please find further descriptions of our topic tabs below where we share experiences, opinions, comfort, a few laughs, and what has worked for us. We hope you will interact and share your stories and information in an effort to build a supportive, fun and friendly community.

Momma: As the confectioners of our jelly bean flavors, you will find all things pertaining to us as mommies in these posts.

Kiddos: As the flavors in our jelly bean jar, you will find all things pertaining to our children in these posts including the joys of having boys!

Love: Our sugar highs come in the form of all things pertaining to love, sex, and marriage! You will find those topics in these posts.

Health: In these posts you will find the good, bad, and miraculous of “confectioning” a new bean including pregnancy, nursing, baby health, postpartum health and much more.

Confessions: We experience belly aches and crazy days just as every mom does. Here you will find posts about the challenges of parenting along with solutions that have worked for us.

Everything Else: Here in the jar you will find a mixture of information that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. So, stick your hand in, swirl it around, and pull out the handful of jelly beans that best fits your appetite!

family-1-3About Kerstin

I’m Kerstin and I’ve been married to my amazing husband, Seano, since 2010.  We had our first son, Big Brother N, in 2012 and I began this incredible journey of motherhood. Little Brother N, joined our clan in 2016. At times, I have been unprepared for the moments of raw joy and big challenges that were presented. I’m love writing about these experiences and lots of other topics on this mommy blog. Sharing with you helps me process my feelings and thoughts as well as reminds me I’m not alone.  I am a marketing and public relations professional and work full-time for a civil engineering and survey firm in Wyoming and have a consulting business. My very favorite hobby is spending time with Seano, N, and our families and friends. These are the people who make my life worth living. During nap time or after bedtime, I can be found enjoying the outdoors, decorating, cooking, crafting, drinking a glass of wine, beer, or coffee, learning about and practicing my camera, reading, writing, or watching a bit of smut (as my husband calls it) TV. I am a planner and a busy body by nature and sometimes take myself a bit too serious. What can I say – I’m working on it!

Top Posts:

  1. Behrs Deck Over Swing Set Update
  2. We Have a Secret…
  3. N’s Birth Story – Part I
  4. Why We Will Travel with Our Children
  5. A 50/50 Marriage
12182902_911933398861501_227873472245469095_oAbout Chelse

Hi! My name is Chelse and I live in the small town where I grew up. I attended Missouri Valley College on a volleyball scholarship and happily returned to my hometown with a Bachelor’s degree to go to work for our local college. Since then, I have earned my Master’s degree in Organizational Management; helped found a Rotaract club; married my best friend; and gave birth to our two children. I work full-time and like to be busy. I am a normal woman with relatable experiences, frustrations, and celebrations. I love being a mom but have found humility in the complexity and difficulty of it. If I could acquire a talent it would be singing; if I could be more disciplined I would do a better job of crafting story and photo journals for my family; and if I put my mind to making a change in my routine it would be to go to yoga class more often. I am a true extrovert and always up for a good laugh. Self reflection and accountability are highly important to me. Although I won’t be sharing too much in way of Generational Issues here, I am truly passionate about the topic and regularly conduct training and classes. I appreciate delicious food that is healthy and easy to make. I like to get things right the first time but some of my most valuable life lessons have come during the times when I didn’t.

Top Posts:

  1. I Choose to Let Him Go
  2. Dear Soccer, I Win!
  3. I Wish I Could
  4. The Start of a Movement: Baby A’s Birth Story Part II
  5. Pretty Little Lies: Speaking Out About C-Sections, VBAC Bans & Shame

Please feel free to send questions and post ideas to our email, contact@jellybeanjournals.com, anytime!

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