A Union & Celebration To Remember

It’s nearing time to celebrate another year of marriage with my wonderful hubby. My, how time flies! Do you remember reading Hello! Chelse Here when we first launched our blog? I had eluded to the day I got married in that post by writing, “our wedding was ridiculously fun and I have asked him on a couple of different occasions to remarry me so that we can do it all over again! He is good at all of the things I am not and we make an awesome team.” Well, as I already shared earlier this week in Hi, Teacher! Welcome Back!, Daddy D and I are getting ready to celebrate our 4th year anniversary and these sentiments are still accurate for us.


In reflecting on our wedding I cannot help but pull out the pictures our professional wedding photographer, Shannon Miller with Special Moments Photography, took. She captured over 2,000 wedding images for us! I don’t think I have ever shared the entire electronic album with anyone but my immediate family. When I look through these pictures they are filled with some of the people we love very most. They traveled from near and far. It was incredibly special to have them in one place at one time for one huge celebration. Because of this, I’m going to share around 140 photos from our wedding. (These do not include the images from our reception once everyone really cut loose.) They are beautiful and special to me, however, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and those who were there to celebrate on that special day with us.


Shortly after our wedding, our photographer submitted some of our photos to a local bridal magazine. Our celebration made the cut and was included in the first addition of the magazine. Here is what they published about our special day:

Wedding Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010
How We Met:

Damian and his bride have known each other since they were fifteen years old. They both grew up in Casper but it wasn’t until they’d each left the area for college and returned home that their friendship blossomed into a dating relationship, which lasted for four years before they became engaged. Damian proposed to Chelse at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, which has a very special meaning to her. Chelse remembers Estes Park as the last fun trip she took with her father before he passed away. Chelse and Damian exchanged vows exactly one year from the day they became engaged.


Planning for Our Day:

Black and mocha were featured throughout the wedding party fashion and décor, with accents of burgundy. Chelse chose to incorporate feathers into her theme as well, to represent charity, hope and faith. Chelse wore a Maggie Sottero gown with a jewel and sparkle encrusted bodice that was gathered to the side. She chose a gown that she would love in pictures 50 years from now, she said, but that was still modern enough that it fit in with today’s style. Rather than wearing a veil, Chelse wore her hair swept to the side with a spectacular feather piece. Damian took care of the cake. “I didn’t actually start getting nervous until we started getting closer and everybody kept talking about how important the cake is,” he said. “It turned out amazing and Chelse loved it.”


Hint for Brides:

Rather than creating a large registry for traditional wedding gifts, they created a honeymoon registry to go to Barbados. Chelse said she worried a little bit about how it would be received. “It’s hands down one of the best things we could have asked for,” she said, adding that people had a lot of fun and were very creative with their cards and gifts.

Our Special Day:

After the couple was pronounced husband and wife, rather than blowing bubbles or throwing rice, the bride and groom and their guests posed for a picture on the church steps holding sparklers. It was a moment neither will forget. Damian grew up with the love of vintage cars, and he wanted those to be a part of their wedding day. How perfect was it then to have the reception held at the Yellowstone Garage, which used to be an old gas and service station along the old Yellowstone highway. Thanks to some very trusting friends, Damian and Chelse’s wedding processional from the church to the reception was a parade of seven classic cars. The couple rode in a purple 1970 Barracuda. Chelse said the classic cars were a hit. Their guests also loved that the couple displayed both of their mothers’ wedding dresses at the reception, along with their wedding photographs. “Obviously with a cowboy wedding you could do so much here, so much has to do with the heritage of our state,” Damian said. “But you can also do a classy elegant wedding, too.”



Here are the rest of the images that accompanied our special day:

264-2A 262-2A 245-2A 237-2A 197-2A 171-2A 126-2A 104-2A 73-2A 592-2A 591-2A 590-2A 588-2A 585-2A 580-2A 544-2A 495-2A 463-2A 420-2A 398-2A 365-2A 319-2A 272-2A 777-2A 771-2A 767-2A 765-2A 758-2A 753-2A 738-2A 735-2A 723-2A 701-2A 698-2A 667-2A 659-2A 653-2A 645-2A 636-2A 632-2A 623-2A 610-2A 595-2A 594-2A 1362-2A 1357-2A 1337-2A 1316-2A 1309-2A 1440-2A1289-2A 1277-2A 1265-2A 1261-2A 1251-2A 1248-2A 1244-2A 1233-2A 1230-2A 1226-2A 1216-2A 1213-2A 1205-2A 1198-2A 1192-2A 1190-2A 1183-2A 1150-2A 1142-2A 1135-2A 1120-2A 1092-2A 1091-2A 1083-2B 1075-2A 1058-2A 1055-2A 1049-2A 1033-2A 1025-2A 1016-2A 1010-2A 1007-2A 1004-2A 980-2A 977-2A 969-2A 968-2A 958-2A 948-2A 932-2A 917-2A 912-2A 911-2A 906-2A 895-2A 882-2A 878-2A 873-2A 871-2A 866-2A 861-2A 858-2A 846-2A 844-2A 791-2A 785-2A 1386-2A

B426-2A B446-2A B360-2A B300-2A B253-2A B244-2A B220-2A B204-2A B181-2C B137-2C B102-2A B77-2A B38-2A 1766-2A 1727-2A 1715-2A 1674-2A 1654-2A 1627-2A 1613-2A 1570-2A 1550-2A 1537-2A

All Photos by Shannon Miller with Special Moments Photography

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  1. I just relived that whole amazing wedding all over again with those photos with lots of awwwws and giggles escaping me! 🙂 Here is to many more years!

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