A Letter to My 2 Year Old on His Birthday

N turned two on October 15. For those of you saying, “Two already?!?” Yes, yes, he’s two already. Earlier this year, I shared A Letter to My 1 Year Old on His Birthday. This is a tradition I started in the journal I kept during my pregnancy with N and I plan to write N a letter on his birthday each year. I hope you enjoy this year’s letter to my little monkey!


Another year has flown by! And you are turning two today!


The last two years on this day, I have found myself looking at the clock and thinking back to what I was doing at the same time two years ago. Waking your dad up to tell him I thought I was in labor, calling Mimi and Papa to get on the road, making our way to the hospital, getting an epidural, pushing, all of the moments that led to the best: meeting you. Within hours and minutes of these moments, you changed my life forever. When I look back at it, it feels like yesterday, but in reality two years have passed by.

In the last year, you have quickly turned from a baby into a toddler. I didn’t expect that to happen so fast or so discreetly. It’s not until I look back at photos that I’m reminded of the wobbly walker, baby haired, little guy you were one year ago.

Today, you are such a good little boy. I’m not saying you don’t have your moments, but you are a good listener, have the biggest little heart of any toddler I know, and are friendly to all you meet. Sometimes dad and I comment that you could easily be kidnapped because you’re interested in visiting with everyone. Your words are coming so fast now, I can hardly keep up with your new vocabulary. In what seemed like overnight, you started to put together sentences. You have learned to share (well, unless it’s your sword or B) and you play with your friends instead of just around them. Instead of the smartest baby ever, we now think you are the smartest toddler ever!


You are clearly starting to become your own person. While you are mostly flexible and go-with-the-flow, you have a temper when pushed too far. I’m sorry to say that probably came from both daddy and I, and it will be something you will have to learn to control and use to your advantage instead of detriment your whole life. You enjoy playing with friends but like your space. You know exactly what you want and get very frustrated when we do not understand. Thank goodness this happens less and less each day. Just like your mommy, I can already tell you like to learn through experience rather than the words of others. While it may be hard to understand others’ experiences through their articulation, sometimes it can save you lots of heart ache and trouble. Other times it won’t be, and  it will be worth experiencing something yourself. You have an energy level that makes even your Mimi jealous, which says a lot since she has the most energy of anyone I knew before you. You play hard but you love even harder. You are rarely shy with hugs or loves and you make all of us who love you feel like we are the most important thing in your world.

This year you loved your birthday party. You blew out your candles all by yourself and knew what to do with presents. You have also loved anything involving water this year. Whether it is a river, pool, hose, sink or play table, life is better in water. The “Happy Birthday” song was your favorite long before your birthday and you usually request daddy and I sing it to Mimi, Papa, Nana, Pops, Dinosaur, Hook, Jake, or Puppy. You can most always be seen carrying some type of weapon like a sword, gun, or stick, which much to my dismay have become your favorite toys. Boy, does our world look a whole lot different than last year!

I have also changed this year: I have settled into motherhood. While I loved, loved the first year with you, nursing you, and being a part of so many of all of your firsts, I find I love motherhood more each day. It seems as you become more independent, I get to enjoy you more. Rather than doing for you, I get to do with you. I’m learning where my strengths are as your mommy and where I need to put more effort and where I have room to grow and learn. I’m able to admit I am not perfect but that maybe I’m perfect for you. Nothing else in my life has made my priorities more clear than you, and I’m trying to embrace and live by them.


One of the things I loved most about this year is that you have started to take me on adventures. You are leading me through your imagination and I am rediscovering a playful side that must have been squashed by my desire to control all things. Although it is good to plan and prepare, it is also wonderful to be spontaneous and to let parts of life happen naturally. Some of the most magical moments are ordinary and unplanned. Finding a balance can be difficult but both ways have their benefits. You will have to learn which is more comfortable for you. But please, if you turn out being a planner like your dear mom, don’t plan so much that you close out the moments where anything can happen.

I often find myself wondering if we’re in a sweet spot with you right now. I’m so loving our days together. You adapt so easily to people and situations and daddy and I are your best friends. You make life more beautiful than we ever imagined and we are thankful for you each and every day. Happy Birthday Baby!

Love You Forever,


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  1. “Beautiful” was my first thought, too. ‘Nuff said!

    (I’d love a copy of the picture of you and N, Kerstin.)

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