A Letter from Leo the Gerbil

Before school let out for summer, Daddy D agreed to bring Leo the Gerbil home from Kiddo A’s class. Kiddo A and his buddies have loved caring for this furry critter. We also think Leo has adapted to his new surroundings nicely. Leo recently asked if he could let the other children from Mrs. Hyde’s class know how he is doing. Naturally, I obliged, and have turned the keyboard over to our temporary pet gerbil so that he can give his own update…


Dear Mrs. Hyde’s Class,

Leo here, using my tiny front paws to peck each letter on the computer board. The mom lady said that she will disinfect her computer table later, but I have no idea why. I only left two little poops. Give me a break! This typing is really hard, strenuous work!

You may already know that I came home with Kiddo A’s family for the summer. The ride from school was kind of scary and bumpy! They put me on the floor of a truck and I didn’t know what to do. So, I ran…and ran…and ran in my wheel until the vehicle stopped.


Once inside the house, the mom lady set me on the floor. Two black and white dogs came sniffing at my cage so I had to think fast! I reached through the bars and pulled the big one’s hair on his face! Then, I jumped really high to scare the little one. It totally worked and those hairy beasts have left me alone since!

I still love to run. (You probably remember that, don’t you?) I used to make sure to run so fast at night that the mom lady and dad dude could hear me, but then one night the dad dude woke up grumpy. He put a long skewer stick through my cage and wheel and it wouldn’t work, anymore! I have run much more quietly at nighttime since then.


Do you remember Kiddo A’s baby sister? Let me tell you a little something about her: she is L-O-U-D and I think that she is afraid of me. I kind of nibbled on her tiny finger…just a little. I thought it was a baby carrot! A gerbil’s gotta eat, you know! But, when I latched on, she screeched so loudly that I thought my eardrums would burst. Now the mom lady keeps her away from my cage, too.

Speaking of cages, the family got me a new habitat! I now have a Double Decker with a little blue house, slides, platforms and tunnels. They still let me use the cage from class when they are cleaning this one.


Kiddo A is pretty cool and I like him. He helps the dad dude clean my cage and he feeds me. I perch on my back feet over my dish to pick through my food. I hide some of it in my little blue house so I can have it later. Sometimes Kiddo A will sneak strawberries, grapes, or carrot sticks into my house. *Gerbils like carrots, celery, peas, cucumbers, string beans, grapes, apples, pears, cooked potato, raisins, bananas, and plain popcorn. So, when Kiddo A gives me treats, it’s awesome!


The mom lady lets me have cardboard tubes. I love to run through them and nibble on them! *Gerbils chew a lot. When I can sink my teeth into that lovely paper towel roll, my teeth stay short and I am one happy rodent! If my teeth became overgrown, I could get sick. *A veterinarian may need to trim overgrown teeth, so I’m glad I get to chew on my own roll!


Do you remember how Mrs. Hyde would let me run around class in my exercise ball? It was so fun…except when my ball got kicked. *Gerbils love to play, burrow, climb, and explore so tunnels, tubes, branches, ramps and an exercise wheel make exciting additions to their cage. So, when I am waiting for Kiddo A to feed or visit me, I stay busy exploring and running. You haven’t forgotten how much I LOVE to run, have you? Wait…I may have mentioned that a few times, already!


When I am playing, one of my favorite stunts is to climb the bars from the bottom to the very top of my cage and jump off!! WEEEEEEE….it’s so fun and I’m getting excited just thinking about it!


I still have my little coconut house and it’s still my favorite sleeping spot. I take the nesting material from my cage and line the entire inside of the shell with it. I even plug the top hole and block the door! This keeps me warm and cozy. It also helps me sleep during the day. Now that we are talking about sleeping, I’m ready for a daytime nap in my warm bed! I need to rest up so that I can run in my wheel tonight!


Well, I’m off to catch some zzzz’s, so that’s it for now, Mrs. Hyde’s class! I hope you are all having as much fun this summer as I am! I can’t wait to see you in August when we return to school.


Leo the Gerbil


Paw print from here.

*All gerbil facts from here.

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2 thoughts on “A Letter from Leo the Gerbil

    1. That is a cute idea! Our early childhood learning center uses a philosophy that takes the children’s interests and turns them into lessons. Most of the mamas from class read this to their kiddos and then they’ll all be back together in August. It will be fun to see what they come up with and if this sparks anything for them to continue through the year!

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