A Grow With Me Adventure Room for My Little Adventurer

Three years ago, Seano and I bought what we believe is our forever home (or at least a long, long, long time home). If you remember, a few years back I struggled to leave our last home, but because our current home has so many of the features we were after, we made the move. Little by little, we’ve completed projects and made rooms feel like they were made and meant for our family. There are a number of rooms in our home that still feel unplanned, empty or incomplete. But, man did I tackle our kids’ rooms fast and hard. Big Brother N’s nursery was the first room we painted when we moved into our 3,600 square feet of slate blue walls home. And when we learned of Little Brother N, one of my first priorities was getting Big Brother N set up in his new, big boy room.

I wanted Big Brother N’s room to feel like a kid’s room. I wanted it to be playful and cozy while having the ability to grow with him.  When we asked him what he wanted his room “theme” to be, he of course said dinosaurs. It wasn’t quite so limiting, so we changed it to an “Adventure” theme. But, because dinosaurs are his first love right now, his room is mostly a “Dinorific” room, with hints of other adventures.

Throughout the process, we asked him what he’d like and kept him involved so he felt like he had some ownership of this room. There were several items I wanted to add that he definitively said, “no!”

We chose a sandy beige (which looks more peach in these photos) for his walls and solid green bed linens. With these basic solid components, we’ll be able to easily replace wall hangings and knick knacks as he grows and his interests change. Intentionally, we avoided cartoon and character pieces in hopes that some of the materials would outlast the dinosaur phase and serve a longer purpose.

Sleeping Area

I imagine there will be dozens of sleep overs in Big and Little Brother N’s future. Pops and Nana spotted these bunks and we knew they were perfect. The stairs make it easy to get up and down during the night and the drawers on the outside of the stairs provide extra storage. We also have quite a bit of company, and we knew a spare bed can never hurt. To jazz up the beds we found dino fossil sheets and a family friend made some bright dino pillow cases.

Book Shelf

Reading is part of our nightly bedtime routine as well as an activity we incorporate into our playtime at home. We needed a good amount of storage for Big Brother N’s books. After searching a bit, we found this red shelf at Ikea to add a pop of color in the room. It also offers nice table-top storage for a light and some other goodies that add to his room.

Above the book shelf, we incorporated orange dino foot prints from Etsy. Big Brother N and I easily agreed on this cute addition!

This sweet giraffe coat rack was made by a friend for Big Brother N’s birthday gift a couple years back. It fit into this theme perfectly.

Dresser & Gallery Wall

I love clean lines and mid century furniture. We bought this dresser for $30 off of a Facebook listing. I have hopes of refinishing it and cleaning it up, but really it’s in pretty good shape (especially for a little boy’s room).

A gallery wall helps to make this area feel complete. We used a sign a friend made us when Big Brother N was born, two dino prints from Amazon in Hobby Lobby frames, and a special saying that I hope my son takes to heart.

To the right of the giraffe, we added a couple maps. Big Brother N has quite an obsession over maps (there’s another one hiding behind his door). The lower map has stickers and icons that help him recognize states and special spots.

Play Wall


We don’t typically keep a lot of toys in our kids’ rooms. Most of them live in storage in our TV room and in our play area in the basement. With an adventure themed room featuring dinosaurs, we decide that this would be a great place to display and house Big Brother N’s impressive collection. The shelves are from Ikea. The cute frames above the shelves are from Etsy.

Dress Up Corner

Dress up, specifically super hero, has become a big part of play in our house. We decided to create a little corner for Big Brother N to have quick access to some of his costumes. Halloween costumes have also been added to the mix to diversify our collection. Once we got these on the wall and out of box, the dress up time tripled. We use a couple of the drawers in the bunks for extra dress up storage.

So, that’s how Big Brother N’s room looks today. Fingers crossed, we have many more years before he wants a change!

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