A Day In The Life – August 2014

As you can read in Our Story, one of the reasons we started this blog was to document. I have said it 1,000 times but time goes SO fast. I think I forget things and moments on a daily basis. So, this is my new little series, which I will probably post every 6 months or so, describing what a day in our life looks like at the current time.

To start, I’m picking an at-home Saturday in the summer. Keep in mind, this is a rough estimate of what our day looks like. It certainly isn’t this structured or planned on an at-home Saturday.

Somewhere between 6:00 – 7:00 am

Wake up and have family snuggles in bed.

7:00 – 8:00 am

Get coffee going and make some kind of breakfast. Usually on the weekends we will cook eggs, french toast, pancakes, or something of the like. We may eat at N’s table, our table, or outside. Seano and I have both said this is one of our favorite little moments. We (usually) wake up refreshed and get to start our day slow with our very favorite people.

8:00 – 10 am

Play time! We usually let N lead the way but this could be indoor, outdoor, or both. We may get his crayons or paints out and let him get his art on! Or, we may sit and read books or play with toys. My mom has lent us some awesome educational puzzles, games, and other things that N loves to play with and do this mommy’s heart and conscious good.


10 am – 12 pm

N goes down for his morning nap. This usually means a little free time for mom and dad. We often take on a house project or enjoy a personal hobby. I do most of my blogging during weekend nap times or after bedtime. So, I can often be found at my computer. If I want to hit the grocery store solo, this is usually the time I choose.


12 – 1ish pm

Lunch time! We often make lunch some type of sandwich, quesadilla or left over with fruit, veggies and milk. Sometimes we have a floor picnic in the living room but most times we will have lunch in the kitchen.

1 – 3:30 pm

This is our window where we usually play and have lots of fun. We have spent quite a few weekend days at a pool, on a playground, and especially in our backyard playing with the water table and toys, on the swing set, and in the sandbox. N is really engaged and rested during this time so we may take him to run errands.


3:30 – 5 pm

N goes down for his second nap. Since we both work full-time, we really try to take advantage of nap times so that we can spend N’s awake hours together as a family. So, we pretty much do the same things you see from 10 am – 12 pm.

5 pm – 6 pm

N is up! An hour of play time before dinner. We will get puzzles out or play with N at this train table. We are in the stage where he moves from one activity the next very quickly. So, lots of times we just end up following him around and taking his lead. He has several play areas in the house and we usually take advantage of each throughout a weekend day. N is all boy and loves to run and wrestle. After his nap he is ready to go so there’s often a pillow pile jumping contest, game of hide-n-seek, or a tickle war (he says tick, tick, tick as he tickles you and it’s the cutest ever). At some point during this hour, one of us will step off and start making dinner.


6 pm

Time to eat. We usually try to eat dinner around 6 pm. We like to keep this consistent and sit down as a family. N is starting to sit at the table and so it has been even more fun to make sure we get this time together. We make sure to say a prayer before dinner and he clasps his hands and proudly says “Amen!” as we finish.

6:30 – 7:10ish pm

More indoor or outdoor play time. Or we may take a walk or go visit with some of our neighbors. Our family really enjoys being outside so we usually wander in and out doing different activities throughout the day.

7:10ish – 7:30ish pm

If N gets to watch TV, this is usually the time period. We have really tried to limit TV (sometimes incredibly unsuccessfully) but it is one of the few ways we can get him to sit and slow down. If he is really engaged in something and enjoying playing, we will skip this and head straight from playing into bath time.

7:30ish – 8:00 pm

Bath time – one of N’s favorite activities! We usually give him about a half an hour to wash and play. Really, I think he’d stay in for hours if we let him.


8:00 pm

Get jams on, brush teeth, read stories, family hug and bedtime! We are seriously lucky. N has been an amazing sleeper and very rarely puts up a fight at bedtime. I hope this never changes! If we follow this little routine, he settles right into his crib. If he’s not quite ready, he has a little conversation with himself or his animals and usually within 15 minutes, he’s out.

8:00 – 10 pm

More mommy and daddy time. Although, this turns into the time we get to workout, get prep done for the next day like getting dinner out of the freezer; get clothes laid out; prepare documents or whatever needs to go to work; discuss the next day and any special needs; and have a small breather before we head to bed. Also, we both enjoy reading so we often read before bed.

10ish pm

Woo, it’s bedtime…finally!

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