A Day in the Life: 2 1/2 Years Old

I’m a little bit overdue on this series. I posted my first A Day in the Life in August 2014. I was hoping to post it every six months but I’m a little closer to eight. Oh well, better late than never, right?

In the last few months one thing I have noticed is the more independent N gets, the more independence I get back. My eyes don’t need to constantly be on him anymore, he is officially potty trained, and he is talking so well that he almost always tells me what he needs. In fact, some of the things he says to me seriously blow me away. How could he possibly understand the meanings of yesterday and tomorrow? I’m also going to have to start documenting some of the funny things he says! While I enjoy more of my old independence, it’s a small reminder that he will need me less and less as he gets older. Ugh, anyway, here’s what a Saturday looks like in our life right now:

6:30 – 7: 30 am

Wake up and have some family snuggles in bed. N is our family alarm clock on the weekends. So, what time we actually wake up is really up to him. He is in a toddler bed now so he will often show up at the side of our bed without us even hearing him. Although, every now and then, it’s like he forgets he can get out of bed on his own and just yells for us to come rescue him.  I prefer the surprise bedside wake to the heart-stopping scream.

7:30 – 8:30 am

Everybody is up and slowly getting ready to take on our day. We are limited on time in the mornings during the week, so we really enjoy getting up slowly, having some coffee, and meandering as we get ready to head out of the house.


8:30ish am

Breakfast at home or at one of our favorite spots. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal so we will often make something a bit more special than what we eat during the week or head out for a tasty treat. Also, eating out with our toddler can be a bit challenging since he is so active and interested in EVERYTHING. We seem to be able to get in and out of breakfast quicker than, say, a dinner at a restaurant.

9:30ish am

Take a walk along the pathway somewhere (or maybe this summer we can get a few short hikes in).  N is really enjoying the outdoors and will spend part of the walk in his stroller and the other part walking with us (of course this part of our walk is much slower).

10:30ish am

We head to run errands. Maybe running to the grocery store, running to get birthday party gifts for the weekend, or errands Seano or I need to get done. N is a really good shopper as long as we don’t push it on how long we ask him to keep his hands to himself and sit in the cart or stroller. We usually give him a snack when we’re running around to hold him over until lunch.


12:00 pm

We try to be home by 12 pm so N can have a few minutes to play before lunch. Then we feed him what we’re having or one of his favorites like mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, quesadillas, or noodles with butter and Parmesan. N gets a few more minutes of play time before he heads for a nap. These days he is really, really into the Fire Rescue movie and Dusty Crophopper. He also loves Ninja Turtles, guns, swords, and shields. And, he has decided dad is much more fun to play guns and fighting with than mom. We’re trying to start gun safety conversations with him so we hunt dinosaurs and dragons instead of shooting at each other.


1:15ish pm

Nap time! N is still a wonderful sleeper so we usually get 2-3 hours out of him. During this time, Seano and I will tackle a project or enjoy some relaxing time of our own. I also often use this time to blog.

3:00 – 4:00 pm When N Wakes Up

N wakes up and we snuggle and throw in a movie as he wakes up. Within a half hour, he is fully awake and back to conquering the world. We have a snack, may finish the movie, play with his toys inside or head downstairs to jump on some old mattresses. But, we also often head to our neighborhood park, out back to our swing set, or to the driveway to ride bikes and drive cars.

5:30 – 6:00ish pm

We’ll make and have dinner together. Sharing dinner together is really important to us as a family. I’m sure for all of you also, but it feels like we are all going a thousand different directions during the day. Dinner is a time where we are all together. Sometimes during the week, N will be ready to eat before I have dinner ready. On these nights, we wing it and do our best. But, I know this time will be more and more important to me as he gets older. N loves Nutella and crackers for dessert as you can see here!


6:30 – 7:00ish pm

More play time or wind down time. Whatever we need. If we haven’t watched too much TV, we may rent a movie and make some popcorn and malts. N is finally interested in watching full movies if he hasn’t already seen them. This was a tradition on Sunday nights when I was growing up and some of my favorite memories. Bath time also falls during this time some nights.

8:00ish pm

Start thinking about getting N to bed. Head to the potty, brush teeth, change into jammies, and climb into the chair for stories. We have read to N since before he was born. This is absolutely one of the constant and sweetest parts of my day. He has become an avid reader (I’m not sure reader is the right word, but you get the gist) and will often pick a book over toys. During this time when he moves from one thing to the next, a book keeps his attention as well or more than anything else. After reading, we have one big family hug and kiss and tuck him in. Seano sits in his chair every night until he falls asleep. But, it never fails; N will always ask him in the sweetest, little voice, “Sit in chair, daddy?”


After N goes to bed, we have a little more mommy and daddy time. In the summers we like to sit outside with a beer, but can often be found with a book or in front of the TV. We also spend lots of weekend evenings with friends so our routine changes a bit if we have friends over or are at someone else’s house.

10:00 – 11:00ish pm

When it’s just us, we usually head to bead between 10 and 11 since we know we’ll be up early with N the next morning. I am for sure a morning person, so being up early and active, always makes me ready for bed pretty early too.

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