A Challenge: The Perfect 1-Hour Date…With Yourself

I, like Chelse, am not really a resolution person. I talked about it a little bit in this post. In hindsight, closing out and looking at progress from the last year while feeling I have a fresh, clean slate heading into a new year, does always get my brain churning. What did I accomplish? What do I still need to work on? What is most important to me? What do I need most right now? The answer: to take care of myself; because I want the best for myself and so I can offer my children and husband the nicest, fullest, most loving version of me.


As mommas, and especially as new moms, it’s a struggle to find time to ourselves. Even more importantly, we need to find time to take care of ourselves. Motherhood, wifehood, and life require so much from us, and endless giving to the people we love. Even though we’re happy to do it because these are the people who make our lives beautiful, it can still be draining. I have learned in my short stint in motherhood, that I am much better for everyone when my tank is full. And, in case you doubt what I’m saying, my husband says he agrees. 🙂

Occasionally I will meet friends for dinner, happy hour, or coffee; or schedule a marathon TV watching day; or a date with my hubs to catch up. Believe me, I LOVE these times. But, I have also learned I need time to myself. Time to calm my mind and time to focus in, or zone out, depending on what I need more. Since Little Brother N was born, I’ve tried to get at least an hour alone each week. Some weeks I’m successful and some weeks I’m not. Some weeks I leave the house and some weeks I don’t. Sadly, in his early weeks, I used this hour for a peaceful shower more times than I’d like to admit. But, either way, it’s my time where I get to give to me.


So, I’m challenging each momma (or hard working dads) out there to make sure you get no less than a 1-hour date to yourself this week. Then, share what you chose to do in a photo or words in the comments on this page or on our Facebook page. I’d also love to know if you’ll plan to make this part of your regular routine.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

First, I will pop by one of my favorite breakfast spots, Blueridge Cafe (and use a gift card – thanks April and Barb!). I’ll get a large, skinny vanilla latte and a bacon, swiss and egg croissant sandwich to go. The only reason I’ll get it to go is because I only have an hour. But, otherwise I’d stay. I love this cafe. I love how it’s often incorporated into our Saturday morning routine and how we see many of the same people no matter how long it’s been since the last time we were there.


Next, I will pick a place for a quick pedicure. I won’t go to a spa because I only have about 45-50 minutes. With my coffee and breakfast sandwich, I’ll head in. I’ll pick out my color, get comfy in my chair and make sure the massage is set to kneading. Then, I’ll eat my breakfast, sip my coffee and sit back and enjoy 30 minutes to myself where I can think of anything I want to or nothing at all.

After I wrap up with my pedicure, I will probably have a few minutes left. So, I’ll swing by Walgreens or Ulta on my way home. I will look at the nail polish section because I love all the colors and seeing their creative names. Most likely, I will leave with yet another lipstick or gloss that I will only make it a quarter of the way through before I lose it.

Then I will head home to my family, recharged and ready to be available and loving.

Okay, are you in? Are you taking the 1-hour Date with Yourself Challenge? I sure hope you do and CAN’T wait to hear what you choose to do and go!

Photos from Unsplash

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