6 Pinterest Wins You Should Try

I know it can be intimidating but I promise you, there are Pinterest pins that are absolutely worth a try. The six projects I’m sharing today are tried and true. That’s right, your’s truly has been able to celebrate Pinterest wins! I am a real person with a normal life and I have successfully executed fire cider, bath toy bins, egg and toast cutouts, a card catalog repurpose, died deviled eggs, and self serve snack drawers all from Pinterest ideas!

You’ve heard of the epic “Pinterest Fail.” The Huffington Post dedicated an entire slideshow to the edible variety titled Pinterest Food Fails. The series provides visual proof of just how unrealistic the DIY projects found on Pinterest can be. Here is just one hilarious example:


Now, I’ve had my share of failed projects, too. But, let me tell you that Pinterest has become one of my go-to resources for project ideas in different areas. Because of the resourceful site, I’ve been able to successfully execute different ideas and I’m excited to share them with you! The real pictures of my version can be found with each link.

1. Natural Remedy: Fire Cider

No, we have not joined the apple cider vinegar cult, but we do use fire cider as a healthy shot to our immune systems. I used this mix when I was pregnant and couldn’t take anything for a cold. Daddy D and I have continued to keep a batch in our fridge for the days that we feel like our immune systems need an extra boost. It’s hot going down, so we make it quick! A little bit goes a long way. Click here.


2. Organization: Bath Toy Bins

This project called for 4 bins, which ended up being too many for our bathtub. So, I layered ours for a fun color mix. Kiddo A and Baby B each have their own bin and this is one of the cheapest and quickest organization projects I’ve ever completed. It was worth the trip to the dollar store for the shower curtain, rings, and bins. I absolutely love how easy it is for the kids to throw toys in or pull them out, but mostly I adore not having to wade through a pile of toys to take my morning shower! Click here.

bath toys1


3. Easy Breakfast: Egg & Toast Cutout

I use a heart cookie cutter for our version of “Toad in a Hole” and I like serving the cute shapes to my family. It’s an easy, quick and healthy breakfast that my kiddos enjoy and I can feel good about making. Click here.


4. Furniture Repurpose: Chalkboard Paint Card Catalog

Our card catalog which serves as a sock, swimsuit, and lingerie organizer in our bedroom, came from a local library where they were dumping old furniture. It was a major score and we absolutely love the way it turned out. Daddy D gets all the credit for this gem.  He added stencil work; kept the original hardware and structure; and gave it a distressed look. He didn’t complete it overnight, but it was a relatively easy chalk painting project. Click here.



5. Holiday Dish: Bright Deviled Eggs

I was a little nervous to give this one a try. I’m so glad I did. I decided to soak my eggs for longer in darker colors so that I could reach the hue vibrancy I’m so drawn to. Also, I’ll admit that my brother made the filling, using his own recipe, but they turned out beautifully and we had a blast enjoying this bright deviled egg dish for Easter. Click here.


6. Small Child Hack: Snack Drawers

I’ll admit that keeping up with Kiddo A has become incredibly difficult. Baby B is still very attached and dependent on me, yet Kiddo A still has needs. He is a BUSY boy, struggling to find his independence. We are also working diligently on helping him make good choices. Enter the snack drawers! We filled a drawer in our cupboard and a drawer in our fridge with snacks that we approve of. These food choices are within his reach so he doesn’t have to ask for help. It’s an awesome combination of letting him have independence and make his own choices. I’m disappointed that I didn’t come up with this idea on my own, and I encourage any mom of younger kiddos to try it out. Click here.



Tell me about your Pinterest wins. I’d love to hear about them!

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