3 Favorite Products for Baby’s Itchy Skin

As I shared earlier this week in Dogs, Cats, & Peanuts, OH MY! A Toddler’s Allergies Part I, our son has had dry, itchy skin since he was born. There were days, when he was still a helpless infant, that he was absolutely miserable due to his irritated skin. It was so sad to watch his discomfort before he acquired the fine motor skills to scratch his own skin.

Although we are grateful to have more answers, now, as to what is causing his skin reactions, I am not quite ready to give up our fine tuned skin regimen. After getting the okay from the Pediatric Allergist, we have decided to keep Eucerin Lotion, Aquaphor, and Cortizone readily handy and available for continued and consistent use!


1. Eucerin Lotion: We tried many different lotions when our baby was born. The reason we have remained faithful to Eucerin is because it was the most gentle on his skin. I know that  you might be wondering how lotion can be “harsh” on a newborn’s epidermis but I can assure you that sensitive skin can have extreme reactions to lotions. Some of the most popular brands of baby lotions would cause our baby to break out and rash. While I missed out on that incredible “fresh baby smell,” our son was better off with a more “neutral” lotion and Eucerin was easily accessible and overly affordable. We still use it today after every bath before drying our son’s skin with a towel. On the days when we need to incorporate a steroid ointment, we apply that first and then the Eucerin a few minutes after. It’s an overall great lotion and has helped maintain his hydrated, clear skin.

2. Aquaphor: From protecting our baby’s skin inside a diaper to coating the backs of his knees, this product is worth it’s weight in gold. Like many other people, we covered our baby’s entire bum in Aquaphor. We also coated his entire infant head with it day in and day out. His hair often looked oily and greasy but this product worked wonders on his newborn head. It seemed to help coat his skin and it lasted longer than the lotion. Additionally, it was a lifesaver in protecting his sensitive skin from dirty diapers and we used it almost daily. We still coat the backs of his knees when they crack and I recently started applying Aquaphor to his face because the Eczema will cause his cheeks to crack and chap.


3. Cortizone: While steroid products can be widely debated, utilizing a light, over the counter steroid ointment was the right choice for our family. We used this product sparingly when he was a newborn and we are still careful to use it for extremely itchy areas or as a spot treatment on irritated skin. We always attempt to clear up any skin rashes with Cortizone before we move on to his prescription steroid ointment. This product often works and I feel better about using a lesser steroid strength ointment rather than jumping to the heavier prescription all the time. Lastly, it’s important to note that we never use any steroid ointments in our son’s armpits, gland areas, or groin. This was a directive from our pediatrician as these are sensitive areas with thinner skin, making it easier for the steroid to be absorbed and cause adverse reactions. You can find an informative article concerning the dangers of steroids use by visiting Livestrong.com and reading “What Are the Dangers of Steroids in Toddlers?” I highly encourage additional research if you are considering using these types of products with your child.

So, even with the products that have been supplied to us by the Pediatric Allergist, we will continue on with our skin regimen that includes these three products. They are wonderful at keeping our son’s skin hydrated, itch free and rash free. His skin is also clearing up because we have been able to identify his allergies and treat them. We have learned that these things are interconnected and we hope to totally do away with the steroid ointments once we have everything under control.

What skin products have worked well for your children? Were they easy to buy? How were they priced? I look forward to swapping product ideas with you!

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