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Well…just until Tuesday! We are headed to Denver to enjoy some much-needed time and adventures with our families. Check out our Facebook page over the weekend to catch some photos of our boys in action. We’ll be back next week with a post we have been thinking about and working on for a LONG time! It’s huge and the epitome of why we started this blog, so don’t miss it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Guest Thanks

July Guest Blog Month Reflections

As we start to close our “first ever” guest blogging month, we are filled with ideas, emotions, and motivation! Being connected to the amazing women who offered their thoughts, feelings, and experiences is nothing short of a blessing. We are in awe of their journeys and beliefs, but most of all their willingness to share them with the world.

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Celebrate & Bare that Baby Bump!

Puffy hands. Swollen feet. Raging hormones. Unusual cravings. A belly that lures complete strangers to oooh, awe, and paw combined with the pressure to display it all in a few snapshots. Why do women do it? Why do they bare the baby bump for maternity photos?

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Meet Corrie

After a question from a reader about why so many women are taking maternity photos so seriously these days, we turned to one of our favorite photographers to help us answer this question. Professional photographer, Corrie Lubenow of Corrie L. Photography, is our next Guest Blogger. I cannot wait for you to read what she has to say on this topic. She is a knowledgeable professional and her thoughts are refreshing and intriguing.

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A Mommy’s False Sense Of Guilt by Sommer

Both guilt and conviction are part of the journey as we walk through this life. They are not the same. Conviction is life giving, and creates opportunity to make different or better choices that are in our best interest. Guilt is death bringing, soul swallowing, and leaves a person feeling “not good enough.” There is room for conviction in my life. Guilt is on its way out–forever.

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Meet Sommer

Starting an introduction for this week’s guest blogger is such an honor. I deeply admire Sommer’s comforting demeanor and ability to confidently navigate her life while she wears multiple hats. She works from home while remaining a loving wife to her high school sweetheart and husband of  11 years (they have been together for 15) and raising her two beautiful children.

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The Someday Scenario by Jessi

For the past few years I have lived by the motto, “I love other people’s kids. I like to watch them for a few hours, sugar them up, and give them back to their parents.” Coming from a large family, I am one of 17 grandchildren and just as many great-grandchildren on my mom’s side alone. There was always an opportunity to babysit siblings or cousins since nearly everyone lives in the same town. I love kids and have always known that I would want my own…someday.

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Meet Jessi

HeadshotWhere do I even begin? I have so many good things to say about our next Guest Blogger, Jessi, that I could literally go on for days! But for the sake of both your and my time, I will try to summarize as best as I can and share only some of my very favorite things about her.

I met Jessi shortly after I moved to Wyoming in 2008 through our Young Professionals Network in town. We were fast friends, as Jessi is with so many people because of her vibrant personality, and our friendship has only grown stronger through the years. Continue reading

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A Master Librarian’s Early Literacy Tips by Jenn

As you probably caught in my introduction from Tuesday, I have loved books for longer than I can remember. It was probably obvious to everyone but me that my passion for books would lead to my career as a librarian. Thankfully I have passed that love of reading onto our son, although in all honesty, he never had a chance.

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Guest Blogging in July: Meet Jenn

July is shaping up to be an exciting month at Jelly Bean Journals! We have reached out to some of the people we admire and adore the most and asked them to contribute to our July Guest Blog Month.

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