Boys 3-1

A Dad’s Dilemma: Why is this Kid Crying?

Over the past few years, Kerstin has approached me several times about doing a guest blog for Jelly Bean Journals. I love her like a sister; she and her family are an extension of my own. But I always seem to fall short when it comes to a topic, and it makes me feel as though I’m letting her down. FINALLY, this evening as I was getting my oldest son ready for bed, the topic for this blog struck me like a lightning bolt. Continue reading

Kerstin’s 2015 Winter & Spring Photo Recap

Wow! I am way past due on my recaps. I thought I had the timing under control when I consistently published my Summer 2014 and Fall 2014. But, then somehow we ended up here, well past the middle of 2015, and I still hadn’t written a recap. Luckily, throughout the last six months, I wrote about a few things happening in our lives so I’ve just included links with some other shares below. Continue reading


True Toddler Fashion: “TTF Part I”

I've come up with a FUN project that I would love to do with all of you! Help me complete the True Toddler Fashion Part II project! Make sure your little person picks their own attire, snap a photo, and then submit it to us here at Jelly Bean Journals by emailing or posting in the comments below. Now, read on for the rest of the story...

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Between a Baby and a Boy

Technically, I have a toddler. He will turn three this fall. That is smack in the middle of toddlerhood by most people’s standards. And, in many ways by my own as well. But, there are still moments I look at him or hold him and I still know he is a baby.

I frequently fear that the next time I look at him I will fully have a little boy and any traces of my sweet baby that exist today will be gone. Continue reading

Final It's A Girl!

It’s A Girl! Welcome Baby B!

I am thrilled to announce the birth of our newest family member! It’s a girl! Our little angel Continue reading

Sneak Peek: 2015 California Trip

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, Traveling with a Toddler: The difference a Year Makes, we made a trip to see family in California in early June. We had the best time and came home with wonderful memories and full souls. Here’s a little sneak peek through some of our favorite images! Continue reading


Traveling with a Toddler: The Difference a Year Makes

At the beginning of June we took an awesome trip to California. There were several special family events happening within the same week, so we decided to make the journey to attend.  Last year, after a couple of flights with N, I wrote about 10 Tips for Toddler Travel. When I recently looked back at this post, I couldn’t believe how much traveling with a toddler had changed in a year. So, I wanted to give some updates to how traveling with a 2 ½ year old was different than last year’s travel with an 1 ½ year old. Continue reading


Are You Here For The Sex?

My heart is full of joy, my feet are full of fluid, and my brain is full of anticipation. This means we are still waiting patiently on the arrival of Baby B. Our guess date is still a couple of weeks away and the number one question we have been asked is, Continue reading


We Love You Already: 2nd Pregnancy Maternity Photo Shoot

I am absolutely bursting with excitement! It has been terribly hard to wait for this maternity photo shoot reveal! As usual, our beloved Sommer with BOKA Images has given us photos that we not only adore but will cherish for a lifetime. Her idea to Continue reading