We Love You Big Time

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jelly Bean Journals Community! We try to show our love and appreciation all through the year, but there is just something about the day inspired by St. Valentine that we can’t resist! We are looking forward to extra acts of kindness over the next few days. May you enjoy all of your favorite things and the people you love the most. Thanks for all of your affection and support!

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.


Jelly Bean Journals Downloadable Valentine: I love you big time.

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Downloadable Valentines for Your Special Someone

You know what is right around the corner don’t you? Valentine’s Day! I know, I know; I can’t believe it either. I love Valentine’s Day. I mean, I think I’ve made it pretty clear, I’m just a holiday person in general. While many people think Valentine’s Day is a sad reason for a holiday, I say let’s celebrate those people that make our lives full and beautiful! As I’ve shared before, I’m a firm believer in showing love to my people everyday of the year. But, why not take one day and scream from the rooftops Continue reading


Watch Me Grow: Month by Month Baby Picture Idea

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From the Mouths of Mommas – #3

In this series we ask multiple mommas one question. The answers show the love, joy and struggles we experience each day, week, month, year or lifetime. Although the answers may vary, it’s clear we are working toward the same results: healthy, happy and loved children! 

What has been the hardest part of parenting for you, so far, and why?

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new year copy

Happy 2016!

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” ~ Helen Keller

As we celebrate with family and friends, we wish you the best in this upcoming year. Thank you for all the love and support, Jelly Bean Journals community! We couldn’t ask for better and we look forward to all the wonderful things we know 2016 will bring!

HAPPY 2016

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Merry Christmas from Jelly Bean Journals

Merry Christmas to all of our Jelly Bean Journals friends! During this season we are reflecting on the people who made our year and lives a bit brighter and merrier. This community is a huge part of that. So, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continual engagement and support.

Probably like many of you, we are taking the week off to enjoy time with our family and friends. Spending time with people who make this whole journey of life worth it, is what the holidays are all about. We want to honor them by being completely present and available. We will be back next week with a great New Years craft!

Until then, we hope you and your families have the most blessed and beautiful Christmas and holiday season. We wish presence, peace, and love for you all. Merry Christmas!