How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Makes You a Better Mom

If you follow our Facebook page or read the blog last Tuesday, you are well aware that Chelse and I spent the weekend in Salt Lake at the 2015 Build Your Blog Conference. This was the first blog conference we have attended and being fairly new to the industry we weren’t quite sure what to expect. While we are really enjoying writing and sharing content with our community, there is tons to learn about blogging as a business, growing our blog, monetizing, photography and video. To say I was intimidated going into the conference was a pretty big understatement. Continue reading


Build Your Blog Conference, Here We Come!

We are so excited for this week’s adventure. You may have noticed on our Facebook page or in Kerstin’s post about the blog turning a year old, that we are headed to our first blog conference. We are packing our bags and heading for Salt Lake City where we hope Continue reading


Easy & Yummy Cream Cheese Frosting & Sugar Cookies

Yay! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! One of my favorite memories from childhood is making various holiday cookies with my mom. I would be so excited to cut and decorate the cookies. If you ask my mom, she would probably tell you, I always puttered out about six cookies into decorating leaving her dozens to do on her own. But, I will never forget how excited I was to bake and decorate cookies and I will always cherish the memories of making cookies with my mom. Continue reading


I Hyphenated My Last Name…Here’s Why

I was raised in what many would consider to be a traditional home by my married, biological parents and in tandem with my biological siblings. I grew up in a conventional setting and have since returned to my conservative hometown to raise my own family. Yet, the feedback I received (and continue to receive) about my “radical” choice to hyphenate my last name has ranged from Continue reading

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How I Learned I Need to Date My Husband

“I forgot how much I like you,” I said to him riding home in the car after a long-overdue evening out together.

Seano quickly turned to me with a confused and startled look that said, “Seriously? You’re kidding.”

I answered him without being further prompted, “I mean, I obviously love you and I love the life we are building together. I’m committed to you forever. But I forgot how much fun it is be with you and what it felt like to REALLY talk to you.” Continue reading


Fantasy of a Domestic Home Assistant

I have been indulging in a little fantasy lately. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to employ my very own “Domestic Home Assistant.” This is the job title I have given to the imaginary person I’ve been dreaming of hiring. I’m not even sure if this is an alluring position name, but it is exactly what I feel would make my life a little easier right now. You see, there are some domestic home chores, such as toddler laundry and grocery shopping, that I would gladly give up or hire someone else to accomplish! Continue reading


Happy Birthday Jelly Bean Journals! 1 Year, 100 Posts!

This week we have officially been blogging one year! Our first post, Our Story was published on January 16, 2014. We have also officially published 100 posts! We didn’t plan to hit 100 posts on our birthday, but sometimes things just work out. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? In honor of our first birthday, we thought we’d take a look back over the last year and look ahead to the year to come. Continue reading


Questions Every VBAC Mom Should Ask

I learned a great deal from my first birth experience. Additionally, the VBAC Casper movement I helped co-found in 2013 continues to keep me in touch with women who regularly share about their birth experiences. I’ve heard hundreds of birth stories over the past few years. I continue to hear themes of oppression, which has helped motivate me to share the list of questions I’ll be asking my next OB when the time is right. (I must say, I’m extremely proud of the women in my hometown and state! The more they become educated, the more they insist on having access to the labor and delivery options they not only desire but deserve.)

10002-belly-of-a-pregnant-woman-in-sepia-tone-pv Continue reading

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Kerstin’s 2015 Resolutions

For some reason, I’ve never been big on New Years Resolutions. I have never understood why anyone waits around for New Years to set resolutions. I’m constantly self reflecting and if there’s something I want to work on, I usually just start working on it. I also think I’ve watched many people, including myself here or there, identify a resolution and by the end of January it’s already been forgotten. But instead of throwing the whole “New Years Resolution” idea out of the window this year, I decided to take a different approach. Continue reading