Are You Here For The Sex?

My heart is full of joy, my feet are full of fluid, and my brain is full of anticipation. This means we are still waiting patiently on the arrival of Baby B. Our guess date is still a couple of weeks away and the number one question we have been asked is, Continue reading


We Love You Already: 2nd Pregnancy Maternity Photo Shoot

I am absolutely bursting with excitement! It has been terribly hard to wait for this maternity photo shoot reveal! As usual, our beloved Sommer with BOKA Images has given us photos that we not only adore but will cherish for a lifetime. Her idea to Continue reading


DIY String Art Project & Tutorial

Have you seen string art on Pinterest, yet? Every now and then, I see an adorable string art image pop up and I find myself pinning it almost every time. Here’s what I love about string art:

  1. The colors and color schemes you can incorporate.
  2. How the imperfection of it is perfect.
  3. You seriously can’t mess this up! (I love being crafty, but I often struggle transitioning the idea in my head to real life and that frustrates me!)

I’m starting to think about ways to make N’s room more “toddlerish” and less “babyish” Continue reading


Guest Blogger Heidi: Moms, Don’t Dis Direct Sales Just Yet

Meet Heidi


We are so excited to introduce our dear friend, Heidi, to our beloved JBJ community today. As a wife, mom, sister and friend, she is many different things to many people. She is constantly going and pursuing her passions; something we love and admire about her. Because of this, we knew she would make an awesome guest blogger! We have been on her for a while to share some of her amazing stories. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has decided to talk about this passion in today’s post. Continue reading


The New Birth Plan is My Birth Plan

My second baby’s “guess date” is drawing near and anticipation of our healthy VBAC delivery is growing! I am a true believer that birth isn’t just one day in someone’s life. It is so much more. I feel my first birth experience was laden with bullying, misinformation, and little respect for me, my body, my choices, my requests, or my baby. Because of this, I have given countless hours and many sleepless nights to planning my next birth. Continue reading


On Becoming a New Mom and Handling a Crisis

I started this post when we launched our blog in January 2014. Every time I sat down to write, I could never find the right words and all of the emotions and uncertainty that came with the situation still felt raw. So, finally two and half years later, here it goes.

About four weeks after N was born, my mom, best friend, and biggest cheerleader, was diagnosed with Stage IV Follicular Lymphoma. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with this diagnosis in so many ways, Continue reading


Dear Friends, I Lied.

Dear Friends,

The first time I had a baby I lied to you. When you asked me if I needed anything, my smile was fake and my voice cracked as I responded, “No thanks! I’m doing great!” When I finally let you visit it took every ounce of strength to open my front door and let you in.

Remember those days and days of hiding out with my infant? Continue reading


Why I’m Choosing Now to REALLY Teach Values

Somewhere between birthing a baby and today, I had a huge revelation: these little human beings we’re raising are seriously amazing little sponges. For example, on the way to a birthday party recently we passed some windmills. N asked if they were airplanes. I could have simply said, “No, they are windmills.” But instead, I continued just a smidge further, “Windmills make electricity that give us things like light that help us see better.” He said okay and we headed to our birthday party. Several hours later, on the way back from the party, N saw the windmills again. He said, “Windmills make light to see better.” I know he was just repeating me and he doesn’t understand the intricacies of how that is actually happening, but it still blew my mind.

My point is, now is the time for me to actively introduce N to values that are important to me. Continue reading


A Favorite From Leftovers: Ham & Bean Soup

Spring is here, so bring on the tulips! Then, within 24 hours pull your parka back out because we are in for some more snow! I have a great soup to share that you are sure to enjoy, especially if you live in a snowy, spring wonderland like we do.

As a busy, working mom my favorite dinner recipes are simple, nutritious, practical, and delicious. Anytime I can combine a healthful combination utilizing leftovers in my crock-pot, I become one happy lady. The soup recipe I’m sharing today Continue reading


A Day in the Life: 2 1/2 Years Old

I’m a little bit overdue on this series. I posted my first A Day in the Life in August 2014. I was hoping to post it every six months but I’m a little closer to eight. Oh well, better late than never, right?

In the last few months one thing I have noticed is the more independent N gets, the more independence I get back. My eyes don’t need to constantly be on him anymore, he is officially potty trained, and he is talking so well that he almost always tells me what he needs. Continue reading